Thursday, August 03, 2006

Testing Postive

First of all, some people had a test today at work.. a drug test. Luckily, I wasn't one of the randomly selected people. (Not that I have anything to hide.) *Ahem* Anyways, I thought it was funny because I'm in Logan at Macey's, and everyone there is LDS so there's really no point to a drug test. This is the first place I've worked that has actually enforced this practice (and I've worked a few places where the enforced practice would have proven a lot of people to be on drugs).

Second of all, I know it's a little after eleven tonight but I'm studying for my multivariable calculus final. Well, on the test we're allowed a 3x5 notecard with anything we want written on it. I wrote everything I wanted to (which was pretty much everything I've learned since the last test) in really small handwriting and ended up with some extra space. Thought this might be helpful to myself, and in the case that any of you fall into the same circumstances, I'd suggest you do the same. Seems quite appropriate, I think.

Wish me luck on my test!


Steph said...

i hope you do great on that math test. Don't think to hard. just let it come to you. good luck. :)

mama said...

you are a hoot!! i know that you will have no problem with the test- i am soo glad that you know that Heavenly Father loves you and that he is always there to help you- it took me a very long time to learn that! by the way.... remember mom loves you too!