Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Second First Day of School

Hello! It, again, has been a while since I've written. We've finally got internet on both of our computers instead of just one, and have set it up so Mark can potentially work from home. Cool! It'd be easier to work on campus, but if he has to at least he has the option of working from home. As most of you know, school has begun. I really like the first day of school because most classes get out way early and you have time to meet up with people you used to see and buy books, etc. Lucky for many students we get 2 first days. Most classes attended on Monday are only held Monday, Wednesday and Friday. That makes most Tuesday/Thursday classes have their own first day of school.

So far I really enjoy my classes. I've been given a preview to what I'll be doing, and my two hardest classes are on different days and both sound interesting. I'm also stoked for Intermediate Yoga and Beginning Raquetball. Good times! I've made a lot of new friends again so far, since most of my old friends have graduated or just don't have classes in the same buildings as I do. But it's always good to make new friends.

As for the request for pictures of the new place... Well, I can't find my charger for my camera so I can't really take any pictures. If you want to see it, you'll just have to come over and play a game of billiards or watch a movie with us. Otherwise, tough luck.

Happy First Day to All, and to All a Good Night!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Well, we're into our new house. Even though it's a condo I'm calling it a house because it sounds cooler. But that's beside the point. I LOVE IT!! I really want anyone and everyone to come hang out with me, using the excuse that you want to see my new place.. Hey, it takes a lot to get people to hang out with me so I'll take it where I can get it. Unfortunately, we don't have internet at our house yet, so I'm sitting at our friend's house while they are gone so I can write this blog. I hope you appreciate it. But that's about the only downside to the place, and it's temporary anyway.

Other things in my life:
My car is still having problems. It seems like this is the year that everything has to go wrong so that it will run smoothly next year. I'm pretty sure that when I quit delivering pizza I will sell this car and debate buying a new one or waiting until I have a steady job. We'll see. And who even knows when I'll quit Domino's anyways...

Here's a shout out to Erin Elizabeth _________ who got married today. (I don't know her new last name yet.) We grew up in the same neighborhood and I couldn't make it down to her reception. So, congrats girl! Welcome to the club!

I got a new phone for free today, by mistake of the guy working, but I was ok with it. My old one is near and dear to my heart, but it was time to move on.

Lastly, it seems like there isn't much new, and I'm sure there isn't. But I'm definitely more than ready for school to start. I love school and I don't know what I'm going to do with myself when I graduate.. Guess I'll have to finish my grad school application so that I can keep going to school.

That's all I have for now folks! Someday I'll learn how to write blogs so that you don't feel like you're jumping from cliff to cliff with every paragraph. Until then, have fun jumping!