Wednesday, May 26, 2010


It takes forever.

But I'm pretty sure I'll be satisfied with the finished product once we get the room put back together. The painting is done as of today (but only in the one room we've painted so far). We'll wait a few days, then put everything back in the room instead of the hallway.

As for Frankie? He's doing alright. Still causing a constant pain, spiced up with a few jabs of intense pain that can't really be stopped. I'm not sure what brings those on, but I sure don't appreciate them. I'm getting used to typing with only 9 fingers. It's weird and a little hard. I hope I don't get too used to it.

One last thing - the last few days I watched the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice and LOVED it!! (That would be a great birthday present for me in June. Hint hint, Mom.)

Monday, May 24, 2010

Frankie's New Look

Frankie and I went to the doctor this morning to have a checkup. The doctor cleaned up some of the dried blood from when Frankie was created (aka when I got stitches) and redressed the wound. Now Frankie gets his dressing changed twice a day, morning and night. We'll return to the doctor on Friday to be checked again. Frankie still insists on hurting me, but that's what men do, right? (Is it weird that I consider my finger to be a man?) Anyway, I wouldn't mind having company, so if you don't have much going on, let me know.

Until next time.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Gym is a Dangerous Place

Yesterday I was at the gym working out. I had been using a 75 pound dumbell for squats. I had a couple of sets of arm weights left to do, but was done with squats so I attempted to put the 75 pounder back on the rack. I hoisted it up and dropped it into place. It bounced, caught my finger underneath, and slammed back down onto the rack. I grabbed my hurt finger with the other hand, thinking that it really hurt, but I could finish my workout in a few minutes when it stopped throbbing. I opened my hand to take a look at my finger and was a little frightened to see a hand full of blood. I looked around me for help, and saw a man who looked like he worked for the university and asked him for help. He later recalled that I walked up to him looking at him funny. I felt like I had been yelling for help, but I guess not. Anyway, to make a long story short, I got some help and Mark (who was at the gym at the same time but working out with a friend) drove me to the student center to get me fixed up. Frankie (short for Frankenstein) is the result.

Monday, May 17, 2010


I am addicted. If I had the energy (and money) to go everyday, I totally would.

Reasons why I love zumba:
  1. It's an excuse to hang out with awesome girls.
  2. Booty shakin'.
  3. One hour of intense exercise.
  4. One hour of blasting super fun music.
  5. It ends at 9:30 pm, so I'm totally ready for bed when it's over.
  6. Tanktops and booty shakin'.
  7. Latin dancing.
  8. Did I mention booty shakin'?
Time for bed :)

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Good Day

Today was a great day. Mark and I helped clean the church this morning, which is always a good way to bond with other members of our ward. Afterward, I worked out, ate lunch, and almost took a nap but was interrupted by a phone call from the Sunday School president. (Funny insert: he didn't know I had been officially released from my Sunday school calling, and that was why he was calling - to see if I had been released.) He also needed my manual to give to the new guy. During the conversation he asked me who is supposed to teach tomorrow. Me. In other words, the new guy. But the new guy didn't know it (and they couldn't get ahold of him), so I offered to teach. I like teaching. Quite a lot. But not quite as much as directing the choir, which is my current calling. Anyway, I had already given my manual to the Bishop so I needed one from one of the other teachers. (Thank you, Gentri!) I went to pick it up from Gentri and we decided that we should make freezer jam together.

For those of you who don't know me well, I should tell you that I am not much of a homemaker, except I do dishes when they are there. So, making jam was a big step for me. It was SUPER EASY! And it tastes SOOO good!!! If only I weren't on a low carb diet. I would have eaten so much bread and rolls today just so I could eat the jam.Yum.

That's basically all I've done today. But I learned something new, with a new friend, and it feels good.

Happy Sunday tomorrow. It's gonna be a good one. I can tell.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Finals Week

I was having this internal debate about whether to end my break now or in a few days. On the one hand, classes are out for the semester which means school is over. On the other hand, it's finals week which means school is not over. After spending a little time catching up on blogs, I decided it was time to catch up on my own. I have a presentation and a paper due in an hour, and a test tomorrow morning. Today's schooling doesn't worry me too much, but tomorrow's test I am a little stressed about. But I actually studied for it this time... And studying for a master's level math class isn't easy because all you can really do is read through theorems and work old homework problems. Not fun. But I did it, so I'm hoping that helps me on tomorrow. Also, your prayers in my behalf would be appreciated.

This semester was as busy as I had thought it might be. I spent a lot of time grading a lot of quizzes and tests for my classes. Mark spent a lot (and I mean A LOT) of time working on homework and trying to get enough hours in at work. Most nights he would come home around 10 pm. It sucked. But that small phase is over, and a new one is beginning.
Mark is graduating on Saturday with his bachelor's and master's degrees in computer engineering. I'm proud of him and his accomplishments. He is starting the MBA program here at USU this summer, and will be in school through next summer, so we're not done here yet. I'm thinking we should just become professional students and get a million degrees. We would be really smart.

Although the semester was busy and hard, we had some fun times. We were able to take time off for spring break and head out to Virginia to spend some time with Mark's dad. I had never been to Virginia before, so we spent a couple of days in Washington D.C. and a couple of days in Williamsburg/Jamestown areas. It was quite a fun trip, and we got to spend time with some old friends who have moved out of Logan. I may post pictures sometime of that trip, but we'll have to see about that.

I don't really remember much else that happened during this semester, except that it keeps snowing when I don't think it should. Like right now. It's May, for goodness sake. Snow should not be allowed in May. Or June. I really hope it doesn't snow in June. But apparently, the weather doesn't care about what month it is. Lame.

Final thought - I think I'm back for good now. Hooray.