Monday, May 17, 2010


I am addicted. If I had the energy (and money) to go everyday, I totally would.

Reasons why I love zumba:
  1. It's an excuse to hang out with awesome girls.
  2. Booty shakin'.
  3. One hour of intense exercise.
  4. One hour of blasting super fun music.
  5. It ends at 9:30 pm, so I'm totally ready for bed when it's over.
  6. Tanktops and booty shakin'.
  7. Latin dancing.
  8. Did I mention booty shakin'?
Time for bed :)


Beans said...

I love Zumba!! It seriously is more like something fun to do than a workout, even though I definitely get tired!

fern said...

soooo you like to shake your boote' ;-O

Rose said...

So that's what Zumba is!