Friday, October 31, 2008


I hope I don't offend anyone with this post, but these are my opinions.
First off, let me remind all of you that I am in college and there are a lot of weird people in college. And then Halloween comes and everyone goes crazy. I do miss the days in elementary school where I got to dress up and parade around the school showing off my costume. But that was elementary school. And people are doing this same thing in college; parading around campus dressed as a baby (I just saw a girl dressed as Boo from Monsters Inc.) or a freak (this morning I saw a guy who looked like Sweeney Todd). Let's be honest, guys. Save it for the big school party tonight. Don't you think you'll get uncomfortable during your classes? How am I supposed to pay attention in class when I feel like the guy sitting behind me is going to kill me? Guess I'll have to sit in the back row all day so I can escape quickly. Seriously, though, it isn't conducive to my learning environment. But hey, maybe I'm just a party pooper.
What do you think?
Also, what are you going to "be" for Halloween?

Monday, October 27, 2008

Hilarious Video You NEED to Watch

This is a band that was introduced to me this weekend. You Must Watch This Video Because You Will Laugh. And it's really hard to type like that - initial cap on every word. But seriously, though, you will love it. Make some time to listen to it because you have to listen to the words. Also, they have some other good songs too, such as "Bret, You Got It Goin' On". Now go. Push play. And then look up the other song.

Fisher's Farewell and a Cousin's Wedding

This weekend was a crazy one for me.

Saturday morning my little sister picked me up and we left for Idaho for our cousin's wedding. We had a good drive and arrived in Idaho Falls shortly before the luncheon. The company was awesome and the food was good. Some of the cousins that were there I hadn't seen since my wedding reception (almost two years ago). So, it was good to spend time with all of them and let them know I still love them even though I live far away and can't come to all of the family events. Randy and Christie looked great, and I'm so happy for them. Unfortunately, I don't know Christie, but I hope to get to know her before too long. Congrats, guys! After the luncheon we went shopping (got 2 pairs of shoes for $10 bucks!! ...thanks Mom) and had a good time. Off to the reception then (everything was decorated beautifully - especially the cake that my mom made) and before too long we left for SLC. Good times.

I spent the night at my mom's house because Sunday was the farewell of my best friend. She did a great job speaking in her ward, and there were a lot of her friends there to support her. I'm so proud of her decision to serve a mission and I know that she will be an amazing missionary. (And if you know of any deaf people in Portland who want to hear about the Gospel of Jesus Christ, let me know so I can refer them to her.) While she is gone, I will be living her Facebook life for her and posting her letters home onto her blog so that everyone can keep tabs on her. I love you, girl! I'm going to miss you!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Pictures of Fun

This is what fun looks like.

Playing video games.

Playing Bohnanza.

Words escape me.

Playing Apples to Apples.

Being happy.

Again, words escape me.

Hanging out.

Posing with the attributes on the cards that we won.

And that, my friends, is what fun looks like.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Shakin' the Dogs

To mentally prepare for the two tests that I have today, I have decided to tell you all about last night. First, some background information. My best friend, Steph Fisher, is going on a mission next Wednesday to Portland, Oregon, ASL speaking. Therefore, on Monday night I decided I was going to throw a going away party for her at my house, and I'm so very glad that it came together.

A few of the posse friends came up from SLC earlier in the day, around the time that I got out of school. We played some Guitar Hero and other XBox 360 games, and a sweet game named Bohnanza (really fun card game for 2-6ish players). Around 8 I decided it was time to make dinner - delicious French toast. Yum. A little while after that, the peeps from here in town showed up. I wish I had the whole night on video, because the whole time we were laughing and telling stories and making fun of each other and just having a great time! Did I mention we were laughing? Here's why: Heather can't control what she says after 10:00. Therefore, she said a lot of weird and hilarious things. For instance, we were all laughing and she thought her laugh was too loud. She said (and I quote), "My laugh is so loud it's shaking the dogs!" Later she tried to explain that she thought that was a normal saying. I wish I had a better memory so I could tell you everything that was said and laughed about. Hopefully everyone will send me their pictures soon because I didn't take any on my own camera.

I'm going to close by saying how much I love my friends. They are sooo fun to be with and are amazing examples of having testimonies in the Gospel. I'm proud of Fisher for her decision to go on a mission and I know she will be a great missionary. She's a wonderful friend, and that will take her far. I love you guys!! (and all you other people who didn't get invited because you don't know Fisher, I love you too!!)

Monday, October 20, 2008

Catching up on my tags

The Rules for playing TAG:

*Link to the person who tagged you
*Post the rules on your blog
*Write six random things about yourself
*Tag six-ish people at the end of your post
*Let each person know he/she has been tagged
*Let the tagger know when your entry is up

Aunt Rose tagged me on this one.

1. The real reason I went paintballing this weekend is that Mark agreed to go dancing with me if I would go paintballing with him.

2. I don't talk about my dad much on my blog, and it's because I'm a daddy's girl and what I have to say about him is so precious to me I'd probably bawl my eyes out every time I tried to write something. I love my daddy. (Please pray for his safety as he travels to China this week!)

3. I love going to school, and if I don't get into grad school I just won't know what to do with myself - I certainly won't be working at Domino's at that point.

4. I actually really like working at Domino's (except for the fact that their new subs are a million calories and very delicious and addicting).

5. I'm constantly nagging people to ask me their math and stat questions, but I rarely get the chance to help anyone.

6. My favorite food is lasagna, and I must say that I do make a mean lasagna.

I tag Kellie Buckner, Carrie Miller, J.R. Doty, TifNik, Bairdy-poo and LeAnn Pehrson.

The other tag I got was from Carrie Miller - 3 embarrassing moments.

1. One day when I was getting picked up for school (by TifNik's mom) I opened the sliding door on the van and it just fell off. I guess my expression was pretty funny because I got made fun of my her mom for the rest of the year.

2. The summer after I graduated I went to Europe on a choir tour with Utah Ambassadors of Music. It was unfortunately "that time of the month" and I didn't know it. We were walking around Venice when I realized it, and I wasn't prepared - I had no feminine products and I was in the only uniform I had (it was uniform day for the choir). We were on a guided tour so I couldn't just leave the group to take care of it, and when I finally got to the bathroom I had to wait in line for around 30 minutes. By the time I could take care of it, my pants had some major blood on them. I bought a lime green Venician silk thing that I tied around my waist to cover it up, but I was still super embarrassed!

3. One time when I was working at Domino's (last fall, maybe?), right after I started working there, I was supposed to deliver a pizza to Smithfield (the furthest north that we delivered). I went out to my car and took off. When I was about halfway there, Mark (who was managing) called me and asked me where I was going. "To Smithfield," I smartly replied. "With what?" he asked. I looked to my passenger seat where the pizza normally sits and didn't see anything. I'd left the pizza at the store. I'm glad I didn't get to the house first! I can just imagine - "Hi. I was supposed to bring your pizza but I forgot it. Can I still have a tip?"

So, now that I have embarrassed myself, I tag Kellie (again), Aunt Carrie and Aunt Rose (to get you back for reminding me of this tag).


Our internet went down this weekend (for fall break). I guess it thought it needed a break too. Which is too bad because I actually took pictures this weekend and I was really excited to post them with this post. Sorry. What I really need is a jump drive on the side that has all of the pictures off of my computer at home; I normally write while I'm at school and have nothing to do. That way I can put up pictures any time I want.

So, this weekend we actually did some fun things. Thursday night I let Mark convince me to go paintballing with him and some other people from Domino's on Friday. We slept in until 10 (wahoo!) on Friday and left by 11. It was my first time paintballing, and my first game I didn't get hit, took out 2 people, and was therefore one of the winners. My second game I got out pretty quick and the hit on my back hurt a bit. But it was actually way fun! Anyone want to go with us again sometime? We've got a sweet store right by our house where you can rent everything you need for only 20 bucks... Any takers?

Then on Saturday morning-ish my parents came up and hung out with us for a while. We ate at Pita Pit (one of our favorite restaurants) and sat to chat for a bit. I love my parents. Thanks for coming! (Mom, if you email me some of those pictures I'll put them up.)
Saturday afternoon & night our friends Brett and Genae came up to hang with us. We played a lot of Guitar Hero, a couple board games and watched a scary movie in light of Halloween. I typically hate scary movies, but The Eye was actually pretty good. It had some jumpy parts and scariness to it, but the storyline was really good. I'd recommend it, and even watch it again.

Church on Sunday was great. In Relief Society (my favorite meeting) we talked about trials and how we can overcome them. One of my friends told us about her best friend whose husband passed away about a month ago. I don't know what I would do if I lost Mark, or even if one of my friends lost her husband. Anyway, the meeting was very spiritual and it was good to get to know more people in my ward through their comments.

Now I'm back at school. I have two tests on Thursday, but no homework assigned until Wednesday, so this week shouldn't be too bad. Oh, and marathon training starts today (for reals) because I'm not too sick anymore.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

10 things i love about him

1. he's so hot
2. he's way funny
3. i love the way he flirts with me
4. he has great taste in clothes
5. he's an amazing cook
6. he's a great kisser (i know... gross, right?)
7. and a great killer too (assassins creed, a video game i like to watch)
8. he's fun to be with
9. i love the way he looks at me
10. i love the way i feel when he holds me in his arms

i'm so grateful that he was put in my path and that i have eternity to be with him, the love of my life, my sweetheart. i am so in love.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

New Addition

I've decided I don't talk nearly enough about my family (outside of Mark and myself). So, today I start. My beautiful sister-in-law, Esther, added another nephew to our family on Friday, October 10th. He was 8 lbs. 11 oz. and 21 inches long. His name is Graham Wallace Anderson. Isn't he adorable? I love Esther (and her family) and am so grateful for the time she has taken to spend time with me on family vacations and get togethers. I'm grateful that she trusts me with her adorable little girls whom I absolutely love to play with any chance I get. Congratulations, Esther! We love you guys!

Saturday, October 11, 2008


it's 'bleep'ing outside. i don't even want to type with caps today, i'm so depressed about the 'bleep'.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Painful Message

This morning I sent a text to Google asking for the weather at my zip code. It came back with a current temperature of 40 degrees F, today's low and high being 34 and 61. Mostly sunny.
Tomorrow's low and high are 29 and 49 (BRRRR!!!!!!!!) with a chance of snow.
And Saturday? The day I don't have to go to school and I'm free to play or clean or do whatever on earth I want to do? Low of 31, high of 43, snow. SNOW!! I don't like the snow, and that dirty word in caps is a shout of despair, not excitement.

On texting Google: The phone number you send it to is 466453 (which happens to spell google). For the weather you say in your text "Weather ". For someone's number "Phone book ". And there are a ton of other things you can get from texting Google, but those are the ones I use most often.

Stupid snow.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Better Than I Remember

This week I've been feeling sick, with a stuffy face and tickley lungs that make me cough that deep down hurty cough. So, tonight when I got off work (at a time earlier than I usually do), I fixed myself up my special hot drink. I learned this drink from the dear mother of a friend, and in my opinion it's divine. (My mom wouldn't like it though. Sorry, Mom.) Wanna know what it is? Do ya? Do ya? Well, okay. I call it "my special hot drink". The 4 ingredients are: water, Pero (a coffee substitute), NesQuick Chocolate Powder Stuff, and Creamer.
To make my special hot drink:
Pour hot water into a regular sized mug. I like to put room temperature tap water into the mug and microwave it for 1 minute. This brings my water to the temperature I like best; hot enough to be satisfying, but not hot enough to burn my tongue.
Then, add 1 spoonful of Pero, 2 spoonfuls of NesQuick, and 3 spoonfuls of Creamer.
Stir and sip.
Stir and sip.
Sip and drink.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Promised Pics and an Unpromised Video

Starting with the most recent pictures we have Ms. Spidey....

And the jar wherein we trapped and drown her.
(I think she's actually dead now.)

This is Jane when she's playing with me. We have lots of fun together.
See jane.

She's my best friend's little girl. Isn't she cute?

Moving on.
Yes, these are the pictures I promised I would post from our trip to Yellowstone and Canada in June/July. Yes, it took me a while. No, I am not ashamed.

This is a pretty waterfall in Yellowstone.

These are some tired hikers who are having fun.

This is a bald eagle.

Using Kai's camera, we took several interesting pictures of nature.

These flowers are naturally yellow. Cool, eh?

Blood? Or camera effects? Ponder that.

We saw a ton of cool geysers and pools, but this one looks coolest.

Sweet picture of ol' Faithful.

Moving on to some pictures of Waterton, Canada.

Look, Mom, we DO have pictures of us! But only pictures with trees poking out of our heads.

Mark and Kai look like twins.

A pretty lake. (I don't remember the name of it. Sorry!)

What I imagine God's throne looks like.

Another picture of the happy couple. We should take pictures of us when we're not camping, on days that we actually dress to look nice.

HELP!!! (I fell off and lived to tell the tale.)

Ok. Remember that really hard 11 mile hike that I told you about? The one with snow on a steep ledge with no way to go forward except for on the snow? The next few pictures are from that hike. I think it was called the Wall Lake hike, but I'm not sure.


Yikes again! I don't think I was the one who took this picture.

A ladder? What the... ? How long has that been there?

This is me.. Terrified and trying to look like I'm having a good time.

And this is our destination. A frozen over lake with tall mountains. Seriously, guys. Is that it? Whatever. At least there was a pretty waterfall on the way.

And that's all of the pictures from that trip that I'll post. We have a ton more, but you guys are probably bored by now. Because of that, I put in a special bonus video. Enjoy!

These are my roommates from a couple years ago. They'll probably hate me if they ever see this. Funny how I sent a text for them to look at this post.

Ms. Spidey

I'm not sure if she's still married or if she already killed her husband, but I'm hoping she dies soon. Yesterday we opened our back door to find Ms. Spidey, a black widow, hanging out on the inside of our screen door. I get the shivers just thinking about her. I took pictures (because I found my camera charger!!!) but since I normally post my blogs on campus I don't have the picture to post at this time. She was huge! We trapped her in a plastic thing that normally holds my muffin cups. I don't know why, but Mark put a hole in the top so that she wouldn't die from lack of oxygen. Later on we filled up the cup with water through that little hole, hoping she would drown. We almost dumped her down the drain when we thought she was dead, but when we jiggled the cup she had a spasm attack and gave it away that she was still alive. Thank heaven for that. I can't imagine having trapped a black widow just to torture it and set it free inside my house where it can have babies who will all come and attack me. Today she is still soaking in her bath. I'm too afraid now to ever let her out. And it's a good thing I didn't shave my legs yesterday morning because with all of the shivers I keep getting, it would have been useless.

A bunch of random pictures coming soon.

Friday, October 03, 2008


I already told my mother (whom I love and am way excited to see this weekend) this today. But pretty much every time I post I've already told her everything that I end up writing. Anyway, today I have time to do the Saturday house chores. And I'm kind of excited to do the cleaning. Anyone who knows me is probably having a heart attack from shock. Sorry to cause such a disturbance in your peaceful lives.

Yesterday I did a backbend in yoga. Today my back is really sore. I've done backbends before but I was trying way too hard yesterday (to impress my teacher named, get this, Emerald. She totally fits the yoga image). That'll learn me.

A long time ago, while delivering pizza (p.s. this is how most of my stories start - lame!) I was thinking about cheese. Like I said in the title, this post is weird. Anyway, I was thinking about American cheese in particular. Isn't it weird how American cheese is commonly called "fake cheese" or "plastic cheese"? I bet it was invented in Hollywood where most other fake and plastic things (well, people) are made. And what does cheese have to say about Switzerland? It's holy! I always that that Jerusalem was the holy land, but no. That is not true. The Swiss cheese tells me the holy land is Switzerland. Here's another one: Danish blue cheese. Not bleu cheese like the dressing. Does that mean that the Danish people are depressed? Or diseased? (I wouldn't eat that.) Finally, in honor of Mark's brother who's serving a mission in Ireland, there's Dubliner cheese. Wiki says, "Dubliner cheese is a sweet mature cheese (aged over twelve months)". In that article it also calls the Swiss (cheese) nutty. Imagine the implications! I should have married an Irishman. They mature in only 1 year! Amazing.
Pretty deep for pizza delivery, eh?

Hey, if I ever turn "normal" don't tell me. I like my unique thoughts.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008


Today I added a little tid-bit on the right side showing the marathon training schedule for the upcoming week. This (of course) will be updated weekly. All of those who wish to run the marathon with me next year, feel free to follow this training program. And if you'd like the original you can find it here. It is also required that you read almost everything on this website within the first two months of training so we don't hurt ourselves.

On another note, my dear mother had a surgery yesterday (nothing too serious). Please pray for her quick recovery! So far she's doing well; she's scheduled to come home from the hospital today. I'm sure that she would love to have visitors all week while she's stuck at home recovering. Mark and I will be with her on Saturday to watch General Conference and you're welcome to join us, I'm sure. I love my mother! She's the bomb dot com.