Monday, October 06, 2008

Ms. Spidey

I'm not sure if she's still married or if she already killed her husband, but I'm hoping she dies soon. Yesterday we opened our back door to find Ms. Spidey, a black widow, hanging out on the inside of our screen door. I get the shivers just thinking about her. I took pictures (because I found my camera charger!!!) but since I normally post my blogs on campus I don't have the picture to post at this time. She was huge! We trapped her in a plastic thing that normally holds my muffin cups. I don't know why, but Mark put a hole in the top so that she wouldn't die from lack of oxygen. Later on we filled up the cup with water through that little hole, hoping she would drown. We almost dumped her down the drain when we thought she was dead, but when we jiggled the cup she had a spasm attack and gave it away that she was still alive. Thank heaven for that. I can't imagine having trapped a black widow just to torture it and set it free inside my house where it can have babies who will all come and attack me. Today she is still soaking in her bath. I'm too afraid now to ever let her out. And it's a good thing I didn't shave my legs yesterday morning because with all of the shivers I keep getting, it would have been useless.

A bunch of random pictures coming soon.


Perception said...


We will have to start planning for when we get together. It's hard to believe that you have been married for almost two years now.

Kellie Buckner said...

I hate bugs and especially spiders!!!

Sweet Girl said...

HAHAHA... I love it Jess! I can totally see you freaking out when she started spazing! i would let her die a slow painful death, instead of setting her free now, that insures she won't ever return and want revenge!

This Is My Lauren Face said...

So I totally trapped a spider under a cup the other day. I think it's still under there... I was too freaked out to look. The cup's just chillin' there. With a spider under there. Ew.