Monday, October 06, 2008

Promised Pics and an Unpromised Video

Starting with the most recent pictures we have Ms. Spidey....

And the jar wherein we trapped and drown her.
(I think she's actually dead now.)

This is Jane when she's playing with me. We have lots of fun together.
See jane.

She's my best friend's little girl. Isn't she cute?

Moving on.
Yes, these are the pictures I promised I would post from our trip to Yellowstone and Canada in June/July. Yes, it took me a while. No, I am not ashamed.

This is a pretty waterfall in Yellowstone.

These are some tired hikers who are having fun.

This is a bald eagle.

Using Kai's camera, we took several interesting pictures of nature.

These flowers are naturally yellow. Cool, eh?

Blood? Or camera effects? Ponder that.

We saw a ton of cool geysers and pools, but this one looks coolest.

Sweet picture of ol' Faithful.

Moving on to some pictures of Waterton, Canada.

Look, Mom, we DO have pictures of us! But only pictures with trees poking out of our heads.

Mark and Kai look like twins.

A pretty lake. (I don't remember the name of it. Sorry!)

What I imagine God's throne looks like.

Another picture of the happy couple. We should take pictures of us when we're not camping, on days that we actually dress to look nice.

HELP!!! (I fell off and lived to tell the tale.)

Ok. Remember that really hard 11 mile hike that I told you about? The one with snow on a steep ledge with no way to go forward except for on the snow? The next few pictures are from that hike. I think it was called the Wall Lake hike, but I'm not sure.


Yikes again! I don't think I was the one who took this picture.

A ladder? What the... ? How long has that been there?

This is me.. Terrified and trying to look like I'm having a good time.

And this is our destination. A frozen over lake with tall mountains. Seriously, guys. Is that it? Whatever. At least there was a pretty waterfall on the way.

And that's all of the pictures from that trip that I'll post. We have a ton more, but you guys are probably bored by now. Because of that, I put in a special bonus video. Enjoy!

These are my roommates from a couple years ago. They'll probably hate me if they ever see this. Funny how I sent a text for them to look at this post.


Sweet Girl said...

Ewwww that's a big spidey!
I love the pictures of Yellowstone though!

Steph said...

those pictures were great. It seems like the trips were great.

Manda Jane said...

Awesome pictures of Yellowstone! That spider is nasty tho! I would have cried if I had found her

Kellie Buckner said...

I totally forgot to leave a comment last night. I'm a dork. Uh, no. I don't think anyone wants your spider as a decoration. Thanks for offering, though! Course you could always try. Maybe you could do an auction and make a little cash! btw, I love the video. It totally reminds me of my days back at Ricks College. We made SOOOOO many stupid videos of ourselves it was ridiculous.

fern said...

those pictures are amazing!! love it!!

fezzik said...

THAT'S the spider you found? That is a hideous, ugly spider.

Natalie said...

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