Friday, October 03, 2008


I already told my mother (whom I love and am way excited to see this weekend) this today. But pretty much every time I post I've already told her everything that I end up writing. Anyway, today I have time to do the Saturday house chores. And I'm kind of excited to do the cleaning. Anyone who knows me is probably having a heart attack from shock. Sorry to cause such a disturbance in your peaceful lives.

Yesterday I did a backbend in yoga. Today my back is really sore. I've done backbends before but I was trying way too hard yesterday (to impress my teacher named, get this, Emerald. She totally fits the yoga image). That'll learn me.

A long time ago, while delivering pizza (p.s. this is how most of my stories start - lame!) I was thinking about cheese. Like I said in the title, this post is weird. Anyway, I was thinking about American cheese in particular. Isn't it weird how American cheese is commonly called "fake cheese" or "plastic cheese"? I bet it was invented in Hollywood where most other fake and plastic things (well, people) are made. And what does cheese have to say about Switzerland? It's holy! I always that that Jerusalem was the holy land, but no. That is not true. The Swiss cheese tells me the holy land is Switzerland. Here's another one: Danish blue cheese. Not bleu cheese like the dressing. Does that mean that the Danish people are depressed? Or diseased? (I wouldn't eat that.) Finally, in honor of Mark's brother who's serving a mission in Ireland, there's Dubliner cheese. Wiki says, "Dubliner cheese is a sweet mature cheese (aged over twelve months)". In that article it also calls the Swiss (cheese) nutty. Imagine the implications! I should have married an Irishman. They mature in only 1 year! Amazing.
Pretty deep for pizza delivery, eh?

Hey, if I ever turn "normal" don't tell me. I like my unique thoughts.


mmom said...

you keep us laughing jess!!

Steph said...

being normal is totally over rated.

Kellie Buckner said...

You're so funny! I've never, ever thought about cheese that way and I will never think about it in the same way again.