Thursday, February 03, 2011

Email Fail

An email I received from the Logan Institute (a church education facility):

Dear Students,
We have two request for interrupters.
One is from the Logan School district.  They need someone who speaks Mandarin Chinese.  If you are interested please call Tami Clark at 755-2337 Ext. 2.
Second, we need someone to help the missionaries interrupt Marshallese for a family they are teaching.  If you are interested please call Brother Curtis at 245-3278.
The Logan Institute

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Too Long...

I've been out of the blogging scene for quite some time now because I spend so much time on the computer that when it comes time to write a blog post, I just want to shut down the whole computer. But, it's 9:30 in the morning, and I'm still fresh for the day. So here's my update.

I graduated last semester with my masters in statistics. I defended my thesis (which, for me, wasn't actually a thesis - it was a project - but it's easier to just call it a thesis) just after Thanksgiving. The topic was characterizing influenza movement through the U.S. Pretty cool stuff, but I'm glad to be done with it. If you really are interested, there's a copy of my report in the USU library :)

The math department at USU is allowing me to teach classes for them this semester. I'm currently teaching two sections of math 1010 (algebra), and two sections of stat 1040 recitations. I love it, most of the time. I love getting to know my students and watching them progress in their knowledge and understanding of mathematics. Most of them are a joy to be around. Since I'm teaching so much, a lot of my life consists of grading, which happens to be one of my least favorite things. In order to cope, I listen to movies on my computer while I grade. Yesterday was Corpse Bride - it has some awesome music.

I'm still playing bass with the Cache Symphony Orchestra, and I usually love going. The practices are once a week, on Wednesdays, which is a day that I teach for quite a long time. Wednesdays have become very long and tedious, but I don't teach at all on Thursday, so it works out.

Speaking of working out, I tried the P90X program last year, and wimped out. I got bored always exercising by myself at home, and it was hard to stay motivated. In the second half, I would either sleep through the time I was supposed to work out, or fall asleep in the middle of the workout when I sat down to take a break. So this semester, I decided to do the P90X diet hardcore, and for my workouts do the Fun Fit Forever program on campus. So far, I am loving it. I hope to lose 20-30 lbs before summertime when....

Mark and I are going to Europe! He decided that for his last semester (which happens to be in the summer) he'd do study abroad in Switzerland. He'll be gone for the month of June. The awesomeness happens between May 15 and June 4 when we will be touring Europe together and with some friends. I am so excited to eat the chocolate, fresh fruit, and gelato that I experienced 6 years ago with the choir group I went with before. Also, I'm really hoping to see Phantom in the London theatre (which I was supposed to see before, but didn't... blasted terrorists).

Well, that's it for now! Until next time...