Thursday, February 03, 2011

Email Fail

An email I received from the Logan Institute (a church education facility):

Dear Students,
We have two request for interrupters.
One is from the Logan School district.  They need someone who speaks Mandarin Chinese.  If you are interested please call Tami Clark at 755-2337 Ext. 2.
Second, we need someone to help the missionaries interrupt Marshallese for a family they are teaching.  If you are interested please call Brother Curtis at 245-3278.
The Logan Institute


Laura said...

Can I volunteer Jane? She can interrupt anyone, no matter what language they are speaking.

Kellie said...

That is pretty awesome. Wow. Megan is a pro at interrupting. Don't know if she can do it in Mandarin, though. By the way, earlier this week she reminded me that you guys are best friends forever :)