Tuesday, September 21, 2010

For the Sake of Jake

This is my cousin, Jake. I got an email from his mom (my aunt) with some information about Jake and a program in place to help him.

Jake Holladay is a 19 year old twin who has been diagnosed with stage 3 Rhabdomyosarcoma, a very rare form of cancer.  He is currently on round eleven of chemotherapy and just finished his radiation treatments.  Despite his daily struggles, Jake is a normal teenage kid.  He likes playing computer games, paintball, swimming and golfing.  He loves hanging out with his four brothers, 4-wheeling, camping and ruining his mom’s laundry baskets while making home videos.  He hopes to someday become a computer programmer.

His family is handling the situation with a positive attitude.
His mom says,  “Many people have asked us why we can keep such a positive attitude about having to deal with cancer.  The facts are: there is cancer in Jake's body and we have to deal with it.  We aren't being punished for something, we don't have a lack of faith, and we are not bad people.  It's not fun, it's not easy- it is what it is.  If we get mad, sad, or angry, will that make the cancer go away?  No.  If we chose to have a positive outlook, to have hope, will that change the outcome?  No, but the journey will be much more peaceful.  It's much easier to see God's tender mercies when you’re not mad at Him.
As a mom, I want the best for my boys.  For me it's a no brainer:  I want the Being that knows how it’s all going to turn out to be in charge. He gave us friends, family and neighbors to help us bear our burdens.  He blessed us with awesome doctors and nurses who spent time learning about this cancer so that when we brought Jake to them, they would know how to treat it.  He put angels in our life to take care of our needs."

His parents have insurance, but with hospital stays every 3 weeks, weekly clinic visits, and daily radiation, their savings have been rapidly depleted.  No donation is too small; even $10 helps in a big way.  Are you one of Jake’s angels?  Reach out for the sake of Jake! 
To make a donation through paypal send it to forthesakeofjake@gmail.com or click the link below. 

Please, if you have a few moments, please help.