Sunday, October 28, 2007

Happy Halloween!

To celebrate our Halloween (since we'll likely be working) we went to a "Mystery Dinner" with a couple of our friends. The dinner was put on by our friends' ward, a married student ward, so everyone there was around our age. During dinner, something terrible happened. The lights went out, and when they came back on Frankenstein's body was found behind the piano. First the witch was accused, then count Dracula, the ghost, the mummy the pirate, etc. Each of them had their alibi along with a story giving someone else's motive for killing Frankenstein. Naturally, Death was handling all of the matters trying to sort out who had the most motive, and finally who killed him. By the time dessert rolled around, we were ready to find out who killed him. Right when Death was about to announce who killed Frankenstein, when Frankenstein walked in the room with jumper cables attached to him and he said, "I told you I was a little tired and I needed a jump start."

The menu consisted of some great items. For appetizers we could choose from Witch Skin, Cubed Ghost, or Monkey Brains. The main courses consisted of Head with Many Eyes, Fingers, or Witch of the West. Side dishes to choose from were Fuel, Papa Ya's Surprise, or Green Side Dish. For dessert we could have Snowy Grave or Dirty Bones. Naturally, the beverages were made from the tears of Ghosts, Witches or Ogres. If you want to know what I recognized them as, let me know.

On a sidenote, there is a semi-new Broadway musical called "Urinetown" that talks about the social issues in America. For instance, if everyone could do whatever they want whenever they want with whomever they want, the country would fall to pieces. Anyway, I highly recommend seeing this musical if you ever get the chance. It is absolutely hysterical! (It's playing in Logan Oct. 31 through Nov. 3. Call me for details.)

Happy Halloween!

Sunday, October 14, 2007


Mark and I finally bought our plane tickets to Argentina. We're a little nervous, but really excited at the same time. We'll be going during spring break in March. Argentina is where Mark served his mission, so we've pretty much got free housing. While there, we'll be visiting some of the members of the Church who knew Mark, and we'll be going sight seeing to some of the most beautiful places in the world. If anyone has some good trip tips, feel free to let me know! I know it's a long way off, but I still like to prepare. Thanks!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Call Me Crash

So, if you've known me for at least 5 years, you know my driving history. Being Fern's daughter, I don't have the greatest driving record. Well, yesterday I thought it'd be fun to revisit old times. Fortunately it wasn't bad enough this time to take pictures, but here's the story anyway. I was at work and was about to take a delivery. One of our kind customers was illegally parked in front of the store. Naturally, as it is hard to miss seeing a brown car, I saw his car, but instantly forgot about it as I had the pressures of school on my mind. Backing up, I felt a familiar feeling of dread when I heard the clashing of metal. "Ugh. Not this, not now," I thought. The customer came out and checked his car to find that I had busted his brake light. Thankfully, that was all that had happened and he didn't feel the need to report me. I went on to get a $3 tip on my delivery.

Tonight Mark and I went to a great performance for our arts class. It was a sort of psychological play that makes you want the bad guy to succeed. In all reality, the play was sick and twisted, and reminded us of Crime and Punishment (a great book for anyone who wants something to read). The basic story was of an author who wrote short stories, many of which were about little children dying. (Obviously not a play you'd want to take your kids to.) At the beginning, he was accused of killing 2 little children by methods written about in his stories. In the end, we find out that it was his mentally retarded brother who carried out these stories to see how far-fetched they were. Naturally, the play goes a lot deeper than that, but there is a general synopsis. As great as it was, I wouldn't really recommend it to anyone because of its violent nature and language. If you want to read up on it, the play is called Pillowman.

Someday I'll get around to taking pictures again. Until then, you'll all have to deal with my meaningless chatter.

Monday, October 08, 2007

A Thought I Had

I want to be a successful mother (...when I am a mother, which is not a clue to anything, fyi). But what is a successful mother? Here are my thoughts.

A successful mother raises successful children.
These children may grow up to be writers, businessmen, or bums.
But what makes them successful are how they live their lives.

I want to raise my daughters to have high morals and values.
I want to raise my sons to treat girls with age-old respect.
My daughters may not be mothers, but I hope they have the love of mothers.
My sons may not be fathers, but I hope they have the wisdom of fathers.

Whether my children grow up with learning disabilities or accelerated learning,
What is important to me is how close to our Father in Heaven they are.
I want to teach my children of their Divine nature.
I want them to know that there is a way to return to our Father, and that the way is achievable.
Most of all, I want them to feel His love and to desire to obey Him.

If I am able to accomplish this alone, I will consider myself successful.
Fern, you are a successful mother. Thank you.

Now, I know you are all thinking that this is my "new mother lament". However, we are not expecting a child anytime soon! (That's just to clarify.)