Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

As a gift to all of the mother's who read my blog, I've decided to update. Also, we just barely got all of our recent pictures onto the computer.

Bullet-point updates:
  • Jess went to Utah to meet her adorable nephew, Tavin.
  • Mark went camping in Moab with friends.
  • Ty (our friend) moved in to stay with us for a short while.
  • Jess, Mark, Ty and Harrison (other friend) went camping and climbing in El Rito.
  • House hit two major marks: Drywall/paint and cabinets/countertops installed!!!
My trip to Utah was fantastic - it was just the thing I needed. I got to spend a ton of time with family, spend countless hours playing with 2-week-old Tavin, and see many of my most treasured friends. Check out my facebook page for pictures of the beautiful little babe.

Here are some pictures of us climbing in El Rito.

These are the rocks we were climbing on.

While I was in Utah and Mark in Moab our house was filled with drywall and the outside got primed for bricks and stucco!

Finally, most recently, the inside was painted and countertops and cabinets installed. This is the point where they tell us the house will be finished in 45 days. Crazy!!!

Happy Mother's Day, Mother!