Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Summer Vacationing

My, my. Has it ever been a long time or what? Not like anyone reads about our life anyways except Fern (Jess' mom). Well, since school got out we've been having our first true summer vacation. Here are some of the fun things we've done.

Towards the end of May we took a trip down to St. George and surrounding areas. We spent a lot of our time at Mark's dad's house in Enterprise. While there we played frisbee golf with Kai (Mark's brother). Mark and Kai bonded by playing James Bond and Mario soccer on the 360. Mark and Verl (Mark's dad) bonded by having Dr. Mario tournaments. This game goes way back in their family, so it was cool for me to see the masters in action.
The main purpose of the trip was to see Mark's best friend, Phil, get married for time and all eternity in the St. George temple. Congrats Phil. We also got to visit with a few of Mark's old friends, which was pretty great. I was introduced to skimboarding, which I had heard of but never seen. On my first try, I landed on the board wrong and fell down bruising my hip. Unfortunately, this has affected other vacationing time. More details later. And of course, we spent a large portion of our time playing board games with anyone who would join.
I took pictures, but they are not currently with me. Depending on my diligence they may be posted at a later date. Sorry!

On June 2nd, I was able to travel to Bountiful to witness the eternal marriage of MFA Aunt Shauna to Scott Slack. Welcome to the family forever Scott!

Our most recent vacation was a blast. We attended the Mark Anderson family reunion held in Florida. Many of you don't know this, but it was the first time I met two of Mark's brother's families. Luckily, they seemed to like me, and I sure liked them too.
Highlights of this trip:

Eating seafood by the sea. May I say the fish and shrimp were delightful!

Playing games in the hotel. Killer Bunnies is our favorite game.

Finally at the beach!

Playing with the kids was great fun for me. And good birth control too.

This is a fort in St. Augustine, the oldest English established city in America. The whole place is quite fascinating.

My first time seeing a lighthouse other than on tv. This one is landlocked somewhere in St. Augustine. Don't ask what good a landlocked lighthouse is..

Getting together with the brothers. There are 6 brothers total in this Anderson family.

Now, believe it or not, these pictures are from the Ripley's Believe it or Not museum in St. Augustine.

This little bit is quite interesting. If you can't read it let me know and I'll interpret for you.

This is a lock and key made completely of locks and keys found at the airport. Apparentely, the man who made this worked at an airport and took his job very seriously.

This is an actual egg shell that has been carved. Try this at home!

This is a really cool "building" made completely from matchsticks. Isn't that amazing?

This violin is also made nearly completely with matchsticks.

My new favorite person... Not really, but isn't this guy tall?! According to Ripley, this man is the tallest man in modern history.

So, there you have it. I'll try to be better at updating this thing. Good day.