Sunday, July 29, 2007

Tid Bits

We took our first camping trip as a married couple just last week with our friends, the Wamplers. It's a good thing we went with them, too, because they brought just about everything except a toilet and a shower so we weren't lacking anything. Another bonus was that they went up the night before us. While they were bored, they set up our tent and got everything ready for us (see picture 1). We'd sent all our stuff with them in their car so we could ride our motorcycle (see picture 2). That evening we made a delectable dutch oven dinner (cooked in our new dutch oven), barbeque teriyaki chicken with potatoes and Domino's cheesebread on the side (see picture 3).

Now we are a little more prepared for our next camping trip with my mother's family at Bear Lake this coming week.

For the 24th we got stuck at the Cache Valley parade. Our car was parked in such a place that we could not get out due to the parade so we sat outside and watched it. Here is a nice picture of Mark and his mom on the railroad tracks. I've always liked railroad tracks.

And finally, here is a cool picture of Mark playing raquetball. I like to watch him play and I'm finally starting to understand the game. I'd play myself, but I can't keep up with the ball when he's playing, and much less chance if I were playing.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

There's only one one one one one....

Lagoon! Yesterday we spent the day at Lagoon. There's a wicked new roller coaster named Wicked. It's a pretty sweet coaster for all those who like coasters. The beginning of the ride shoots you straight up going 50 mph and then you fall the same distance ending around 55 mph. It's crazy! There's also a barrel roll and some fast hardcore turns. It's a family favorite (Mark and I both really like it).

Little brother! Kai (Mark's little brother) was in Logan from St. George for about a week to spend time with us and his mom. There was much game playing, frisbee golf, and game cube. It was actually because of Kai that we went to Lagoon yesterday. That was our final sha-bang with him before he returned to St. George.

Post today! That's about all we've been up to lately. Next time we do something cool, I'll try to have my camera with me to take some pictures. Have a great day!

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Oh, Say, Can You See...

We've had a pretty fun week this week. Aaron's fiancee, Danielle, had a bridal shower on Saturday and I was able to attend that. It was pretty fun, much like my own shower six months ago. Here are a couple pictures from that.

July 3rd was our 6 month anniversary. Unfortunately, we'd forgotten about it and signed up to work. We also didn't know that Logan's 4th of July fireworks show was actually on the 3rd and we missed the lame show. So, while we were working I devised a plan to surprise Mark. Here's what we found when we got home.

Our first 4th of July celebration together was quite enjoyable. We went to our friend and his wife's house for dinner, swimming, and our own fireworks show.
Elise told us she wanted to be Martha Stewart for the occasion and this is what we got.

Shane and Elise


Highlights from our fireworks show