Thursday, July 05, 2007

Oh, Say, Can You See...

We've had a pretty fun week this week. Aaron's fiancee, Danielle, had a bridal shower on Saturday and I was able to attend that. It was pretty fun, much like my own shower six months ago. Here are a couple pictures from that.

July 3rd was our 6 month anniversary. Unfortunately, we'd forgotten about it and signed up to work. We also didn't know that Logan's 4th of July fireworks show was actually on the 3rd and we missed the lame show. So, while we were working I devised a plan to surprise Mark. Here's what we found when we got home.

Our first 4th of July celebration together was quite enjoyable. We went to our friend and his wife's house for dinner, swimming, and our own fireworks show.
Elise told us she wanted to be Martha Stewart for the occasion and this is what we got.

Shane and Elise


Highlights from our fireworks show


mummy said...

i love the sparkler pictures! great update keep them coming!!

sam said...

Fun, fun. You two have a lot of "firsts" coming. We should come up and visit some time.