Thursday, March 29, 2007


Mark and I had a triple date on Sunday afternoon. The other two couples were our dear friends Chris and Laura and another couple Shane (from Domino's) and his fiancee. We took a picnic lunch to the park by our house and played a little frisbee golf. It was great to just relax and spend a great Sabbath Day with our friends.

The night before (Saturday night) was my last night working at Macey's grocery store. When I got off, I found the bakery had made me a farewell cake! It was really tasty, and made a great end to a nice job.

On Monday, I started my new job at Domino's Pizza. As most of you know, Mark is a manager there, so yes, I will be working with him. So far it has been pretty great. It seems a lot more fun, and it's a better help with our finances.

We're both doing great, but can't wait for school to be over for the summer. Bring it on!

As a sidenote, for those of you who don't know, my brother Aaron has asked Danielle Schiker to marry him. As of now the date will be August 9th. Congrats to them! We're so excited!!!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

My Beef

So, I biffed on the scooter about a week and a half ago. I haven't had time to post about it until now, and my legs are looking much better. My pants have a hole by the knee now, but other than that all is well. I'm just glad I had the helmet on or else I could have been seriously hurt. The scooter is fine. It got a little muddy and a bit of the plastic cracked, but it's still rideable. Hope all is well for everyone!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Homework Day

Today I will be spending my whole day in the USU library. My work only scheduled me for one day this week, Saturday, instead of working me on my usual Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Plus, my only class that I have on Tuesdays and Thursdays was canceled for the week so my teacher could have surgery. So instead of staying home being lazy and not doing anything all day, I've decided to come here, to the library, to force myself to suffer through my homework all day long. For those who know me really well, you know I actually sometimes enjoy doing my math homework because it's fun (and you all are welcome to think I'm crazy). Sadly enough, for as long as I'll be here today and as hard as I work, I still doubt I will finish a single assignment. That is the sadness of math homework.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Would you like to biggie size that?

Yes, I would. This is a biggie-sized blog. I've heard a bunch of you complaining that I need to update my blog. Even Uncle Sam went as far as to leave me a comment about it. Well, if you insist, then here's what you asked for.

First of all, one day I came home from school or work or wherever I was, and sitting in the living room was a dozen dried roses, with a love note underneath them. I have a stud for a husband.

A couple weeks later, Mark was at work and I was bored. It just so happened that my best friend Steph Fisher was coming up that night, so we called up our other high school friends and got together. The plan was to go up the canyon and roast marshmallows over a fire. However, we forgot wood, and the firepits were all frozen over. So, we roasted our stuff over a small barbeque in a student housing parking lot. Great fun!

Just the other night, I sold my shoes. These weren't just any shoes. These were my ballroom dance shoes, ordered from London. Obviously, since I'm not on the ballroom dance team anymore, it was pointless for me to have them anymore.. But they had so many memories attached to them. I wouldn't have sold them, but this year's team was leaving for a competiton in California the next day and that day in practice one of the girls' shoes broke, so I did her a favor and sold mine to her. What a sad day. I'll miss those shoes and the memories they held. Thank Heaven I have Mark in my life to create new memories with.

I've had several requests for a virtual tour of the house. So, here it is.
This is our living room. Can you guess a color theme?

These are a few of our favorite things - the game shelves.

This one is Mark's personal favorite - the entertainment center. Notice that all of the nintendo games are labeled and very well organized.

These next two pictures are leading up to something awesome. This is a mask I bought when I was in Venice, Italy.

This one is a picture I bought at the Louvre Museum in France.

These are in our bathroom, which makes our bathroom a European bathroom. It's European because when you go in there "Eur-o-pean".

This is our lovely little kitchen in all of it's glory.

Here is our great bedroom with all of the wonderful things that were given to us.

Finally, my favorite part of the house (mostly because I did this) the storage room.

Pretty much, this is the biggest blog ever posted on my site. Hopefully I'll get our latest adventures up soon, but I'm waiting to get pictures from our friends - I can't believe I forgot my camera!