Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Homework Day

Today I will be spending my whole day in the USU library. My work only scheduled me for one day this week, Saturday, instead of working me on my usual Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Plus, my only class that I have on Tuesdays and Thursdays was canceled for the week so my teacher could have surgery. So instead of staying home being lazy and not doing anything all day, I've decided to come here, to the library, to force myself to suffer through my homework all day long. For those who know me really well, you know I actually sometimes enjoy doing my math homework because it's fun (and you all are welcome to think I'm crazy). Sadly enough, for as long as I'll be here today and as hard as I work, I still doubt I will finish a single assignment. That is the sadness of math homework.

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mama said...

yes, you are one sick child!! glad that you took my love of math, cuz i don't have any in me! how 'bout posting some pic's of you two love birds.... i can't remember what you look like!!! hugs, mom