Monday, October 18, 2010


I learned something during church yesterday. In fact, I learned it as I opened my mouth to give a comment in Sunday School. We were talking about how the Lord helps us through our trials. During the past several weeks, I have made comments (mostly in Relief Society) about how my big trial currently is writing my thesis. I am not a writer - that is why I am doing statistics. But, I still have to write up all of my research in order to graduate. As I was relating this to the class, I realized how the Lord had helped me through this trial in the past week.

Last week I decided to start reading my scriptures. I have not been faithful in reading in quite some time (sorry, I'm not perfect), and it's often hard for me to read without getting distracted and wanting to do something else. On Monday, I picked up my scriptures and opened them to where I believe I had last had my personal study. It was in Mosiah. I started over at the beginning of Mosiah (because who wants to read 1st Nephi a million times?) and read for a half hour. I did that again on Tuesday, and Wednesday, and made it clear through Friday! And do you know what? I noticed a huge difference in writing my thesis. These two things seem totally unrelated to me, yet I know that it's because I'm making a bigger effort to keep the Lord's commandments that I have been blessed with a greater ability to write.

I missed my Saturday study (oops) but got back on track yesterday. I read this morning. Today I wrote another (somewhat short) chapter to send to my adviser for a little revision. And I am excited to read tomorrow, because I am falling in love with the story of the Book of Mormon. The sons of Mosiah are about to go preach to the Lamanites, and Alma the younger was just put in place as chief priest. I read through their conversion story, and it only makes me want to continue converting myself and becoming a better daughter of God.

There you have it. Keep the commandments of God and He will help you in any trial.