Monday, October 20, 2008


Our internet went down this weekend (for fall break). I guess it thought it needed a break too. Which is too bad because I actually took pictures this weekend and I was really excited to post them with this post. Sorry. What I really need is a jump drive on the side that has all of the pictures off of my computer at home; I normally write while I'm at school and have nothing to do. That way I can put up pictures any time I want.

So, this weekend we actually did some fun things. Thursday night I let Mark convince me to go paintballing with him and some other people from Domino's on Friday. We slept in until 10 (wahoo!) on Friday and left by 11. It was my first time paintballing, and my first game I didn't get hit, took out 2 people, and was therefore one of the winners. My second game I got out pretty quick and the hit on my back hurt a bit. But it was actually way fun! Anyone want to go with us again sometime? We've got a sweet store right by our house where you can rent everything you need for only 20 bucks... Any takers?

Then on Saturday morning-ish my parents came up and hung out with us for a while. We ate at Pita Pit (one of our favorite restaurants) and sat to chat for a bit. I love my parents. Thanks for coming! (Mom, if you email me some of those pictures I'll put them up.)
Saturday afternoon & night our friends Brett and Genae came up to hang with us. We played a lot of Guitar Hero, a couple board games and watched a scary movie in light of Halloween. I typically hate scary movies, but The Eye was actually pretty good. It had some jumpy parts and scariness to it, but the storyline was really good. I'd recommend it, and even watch it again.

Church on Sunday was great. In Relief Society (my favorite meeting) we talked about trials and how we can overcome them. One of my friends told us about her best friend whose husband passed away about a month ago. I don't know what I would do if I lost Mark, or even if one of my friends lost her husband. Anyway, the meeting was very spiritual and it was good to get to know more people in my ward through their comments.

Now I'm back at school. I have two tests on Thursday, but no homework assigned until Wednesday, so this week shouldn't be too bad. Oh, and marathon training starts today (for reals) because I'm not too sick anymore.


Rose said...

Hey Jess! I noticed you never have any pics of your dad on here. You say alot about mom, but dad needs some blog time too.

Perception said...

Have I ever told you how much I used to paintball?

fern said...

i had a great time sat.! the pictures are on the camera that dad took to china- so they will have to wait a couple of weeks- sorry, i should have thought about that!!