Monday, August 07, 2006

Just Another Day in Paradise

On Saturday, I had the opportunity to go to the wedding reception of an old friend, Carrie Anne Hales Adams. To say the least, it was interesting. The best part was seeing Mama Kaye and the rest of the Hales' family. They are great, and I realized how much I miss them. Unfortunately, Carrie didn't seem as excited to see me. But it was nice to go home and visit with a lot of people that I don't see often. Plus, I got to see Mom's beautiful garden!

So pretty!
And speaking of Paradise...

Here it is! On Saturday night, after the reception, Jeff and I went dancing with some friends from the ballroom dance team. We didn't get back to Logan until about 4 in the morning, so obviously we were really tired on Sunday. We were at his house after church, and after dinner I had a popsicle. Then I started playing with the stick. It was quite entertaining, mostly because both of us were delirious. I had broken the stick and bent it so that I could hit one side and it would fly across the table. We named the stick Maximus Arcsimus Popliclemus (or something to that effect). The goal was to hit the stick and have it land in Jeff's bowl of ice cream. After about 100 tries I won! It was exciting.

That was the highlight of my day.

I probably won't be posting anything for a few days, as one of my best friends Stephanie Fisher will be occupying my time. She'll be up to visit for the next few days. We'll have some fun stories after that. So, there's the story of my life.

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sam said...

Everything tastes better when it's covered in ice cream.