Thursday, August 24, 2006

Last Week of Freedom!

School starts again on Monday, so this week I have been doing some things that I won't have the chance to do for a while. To start off, I went home for Sunday and Monday. We had a great time! Sunday evening I hung out with the family. Aaron, Mel and I jumped on the tramp, playing the old school games like Bum Wars and Knee Wars and all sorts of things like that. We all just hung around and laughed a lot. It was great.

On Monday, after I got back to Logan, I went over to Jeff's house and started my new project. Jeff's room needs redecorating. They started painting it about 10 years ago, and so half of it is blue, and the other half just doesn't look that great. So, we've been deep cleaning his room, dejunking everything, and getting it ready to leave nice while he's on his mission. (Speaking of that, he had his first mission interview last night, and he'll be putting in his papers pretty quickly now.) Anyways, we spent Monday cleaning and such.

Tuesday was an awesome day. I started cashier training at Maceys! I'll be a cashier officially this coming Saturday. Right now I'm still training. After work, I went over to Jeff's house (like always). I had on some nice pants that I'd worn to work, and a cute shirt that I'd just bought. Jeff decided he wanted to teach me how to shoot a gun, so I borrowed a shirt. It was so fun! We only shot .22's, but we did shoot a horse.


Me in my nice dress pants with a gun.

Jeff saying "Why are you taking a picture of me?"

Wednesday is also accompanied by an interesting event. I was at Maceys for training, and the girl I was training with, Marci, kept saying she didn't feel good. While we were standing at a checkstand reviewing the keyboard, she said, "I'm going to pass out." Usually when people say this, they don't really mean it and they just feel light-headed. Well, apparantly she meant it because I was standing next to her, and just as I put my arm around her to make sure she was okay, she passed out. She had prepared herself by leaning against the checkstand so I didn't have to hold a lot of dead weight, but it still suprised me. When she came to, I asked her if she was okay. She replied that she was fine, then passed out again. This time she was out for at least 30 seconds. I had no idea what to do! When she came to again, I made her sit on the floor and had someone get her some water. Lashelle and I got to drive her home (on the clock too!) and made sure she was home safe. It was crazy! But at least I was there to hold her up. That could have been bad. Lashelle (our trainer) was on the other side of the checkstand and couldn't have done anything if I weren't there. After training was over I went to Jeff's and did some more cleaning. We should be ready to paint by next week! It's going to look great. I'm excited, probably moreso than he is.

These are a couple pictures of the sunset last night. It was so gorgeous!

That's it for my exciting week so far. More to come! (Hopefully.)

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crisco said...

Guess who's moving up to logan today? ME!! i'm excited =D