Friday, August 04, 2006

God's Ship

I'm not sure who wrote this, but I refound it today while searching my computer for a specific document. It makes me cry every time I read it, but there is so much truth there. Sometimes, when I am feeling lonely, I turn to reading and writing poetry. This is a beautiful poem that gives me strength when I am missing my loved ones who have passed on before.

There's a ship sailing on to a harbor
To a haven of comfort and rest;
It's a ship of God's fashion and making
And its voyage by Him will be blest.

It departed with silence and beauty,
With the Master, Himself, in command;
As with dignity truly majestic,
It sailed out of sight of all land.

There will always be clear skies above it;
There will always be calmness below;
There will never be storms to harass it,
For the Master is on it, you know,

And His wisdom will carry it safely
To the port of His infinite peace,
Where the Light of His love will protect it
With a blessing that never will cease.

You have watched it sail onward and outward
With a tear of regret in your eye,
For a loved one was sailing upon it,
And there's grief when you're saying goodbye.

But your tears would be tears of rejoicing
And your heart would be happy and free,
If you could look for only a moment
On that ship that is sailing to sea.

For the one you have loved is at leisure,
With no worry or trouble or care.
There's contentment beyond understanding
In the way God's passengers fare.

And you'd know from your own observation
That the sailing was joyful---not grim,
For it means a new life and new living,
And a sweet, closer contact with Him.

Oh, the solace there is in the knowledge,
Life is life and it always will be,
And it's simply a change of direction
When we sail on His ship out to sea.

And the tears that we shed for our loved ones
Are in truth shed for us left behind,
For it hurts to give up to the Master,
'Tho we know He is gentle and kind.

So believe in His great and good wisdom.
Trust in Him, as you patiently wait;
On His ship, God is ever the pilot,
And the one you have loved is His mate.


mom said...

that is a beautiful poem, thanks for sharing it. see you this afternoon!

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