Thursday, September 28, 2006

Days Go By

I've been waiting to put up pictures with this post, but I haven't taken any all week. What have I been up to? Well, I've been spending some time with Mark. He's a pretty cool guy. On Sunday evening, Natalie and I went over to his house and played some board games. Tonight he's making an Argentine dinner for me. I'm way excited! It should be really good. Saturday morning we're going to the wind caves. I know, I know; it's General Conference. Don't worry; he's recording what we miss and we'll watch it on Sunday.

Changing tracks now, my best friend, Steph, is trying out for a dance company tonight. It would be great if anyone who reads this would pray for her. She is an amazing person and deserves to have some fun in her life!

Hopefully I'll have some more fun pictures by the end of the week. Have a good one!


Mrs. Chanandler Bong said...

i don't know her, but i wish her the best.

Steph said...

thank you so much everyone and mainly jess, you are the best. :)

mom said...

good luck steph!! on a personal note- jess, tim and shannons baby will be coming home from the hosp. on monday!! what a little miricle baby! -they named him 'matt' if you didn't know that! hugs-