Tuesday, September 05, 2006


B-Unit is a reference to where I live, in case anyone was wondering.

I had a great Labor Day weekend this year, although I didn't go boating or camping or any of the like things. Saturday wasn't anything too eventful, but we (as in Jeff, Natalie and I) got the apartment very clean. It was nice to come home to a clean place on Saturday after work. Sunday was excellent, and I really love my ward. I recieved a new calling, and got released from my calling as an Activities Committee Co-Chair. Any guesses from people whom I haven't already told? Let's just say it suits me.

Labor Day had to have been the most fun. After careful consideration on Sunday, Natalie and I decided we would go to Paradise to join Jeff's family for breakfast, then have a picnic later. Breakfast was delicious. After that, I worked on some homework while everyone else visited and enjoyed each other's company. Then came time for the picnic! Just now I was reminded of the Teddy Bear Picnic song. I wish I still knew the words. That was a cool song.

Anyways, Natalie and Jeff packed a lunch while I worked on my homework. We then put the food in a picnic basket and attached it to the 4-wheeler (as shown) and headed up to Porcupine Dam. I have no idea where that is, but I guess it's a good fishing spot because there were a lot of people. Lunch was delicious.

After we ate, I decided I wanted to go wading in the streamlet and Natalie came with me. Before I knew it, we were up to our knees in mud! Keep in mind I still had to work in a couple hours, so this was almost turning into a problem. However, Natalie and I had a great time in the mud. On our way back across the streamlet both of my legs got stuck and Natalie wouldn't help me, so I fell backwards and landed in the water up a little past my waist. It was hilarious! And cold. With Nat and I soaking wet, we rode the 4-wheeler back to Paradise to wash up and head back to Logan. It was quite exciting!

Finally back, and still soaking wet!

Other random things:

Jeff models an old shirt. He turns in his mission papers this week.

Natalie and Jeff kill annoying magpies.

Natalie had a great birthday, and we roommates threw an awesome party for her! There were tons of people here and only a couple of them (other than the 4 roommates) were girls. It's pretty cool. That's all for now!


mom said...

it looks like an inside job to me!! i can't believe that you hang with people that kill annoying animals!! i know there is a scripture about all creatures being important.... great update!

Carrie said...

What is your new calling? Are you a teacher?

Pookie said...

Good guess, Carrie, but no. Any other guesses?

And Mom, Dad kills annoying animals too. At least I'm not married to someone who does that!

Carrie said...

Something with music? Are you leading the ward choir?

Pookie said...

Bingo! I've been called to serve as the Music Committee Chair and temporarily (maybe) as the choir director. I'm way excited!

Some guy said...

Ya, about the magpie thing, in my defense, I don't do that very often. However, that one was eating the food I had just put out for our dogs, so I felt justified. But I do agree about all creatures being important in God's eyes, and I'll keep that in mind next time! BTW, congrats on the new calling, Jess, you'll be great at it!