Saturday, September 09, 2006

Party Time!

The roommates and I decided to throw a "sweet swap" the other day. A sweet swap is exactly what it says. Everyone brings a sweet and swaps them, so you get to eat a bit of everything. However, it didn't turn out. We had about two people show up. It was still fun, though! We had a chocolate fountain (which was the biggest pain ever, but tasted good anyways). I hooked up my awesome speakers (thanks Mom) to Natalie's computer to play some tunes and we spent the time pigging out and dancing. It was a good time!

This is some random kid eating a chocolate covered grape. He was one of the two that showed up.

And here is something my Mother is not proud of, but excites me. I forced my hair into a ponytail! It's been a while, and for those who have seen me lately, my hair isn't exactly long. It was an exciting day for me. Plus, I was happy all day which made it a good one. (Excuse the sleeveless shirt; I was getting ready in the morning and didn't think about it. My longsleeve was black, and I didn't want hair all over it.)


crisco said...

liquid chocolate. what more could you ask for?!

fern said...

the salt lakers have taken a vote- no more pony tails!!! maybe if you dipped it in the chocolate fountain!

Carrie said...

ponytails are only allowed 2 times per week. If you have them more often, then it's time to cut your hair! You aren't 12 anymore, you are a grown woman. :)
OH yeah, and if you work out, ponytails are okay when working out.
Love you!

Ganimobile said...

CONGRATULATIONS ON THE PONY TAIL. I wear them at least 4 times a week and i dont work out HA!

Pookie said...

Gani you're my hero! Of course, I wouldn't go through the trouble to do that more than once a week. It's a lot of hairspray and maintenance for me, and I'm lazy. It just had to be out of my face for a day!