Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Roommate Fun!

Tonight we went to Cafe Rio because we wanted to eat somewhat healthy and none of us felt like cooking. It was exciting! But first, get a load of this:

This is us at Cafe Rio. Some girls who thought my hair was awesome took our picture. From left to right, these are the roommates: Me, Jodie, Natalie and Michelle. We have so much fun together!

Not much else exciting today.


Carrie said...

Hey Goth chick! Now you look like someone Sam would have hung out with in High School

Q2 CUTIES said...

We all love your hair!!! Crisco says "we should all spike it on the same day." Gani say "you go girl....or guy". and Pixie says "you are an inspiration to us all." Well have a lovely evening. NIGHT

fern said...

xo mom!

sam said...

I dare, dare, DARE you to come to Thanksgiving dinner like that. I love it. I'll give you a couple of Cure CD's if you do.

Jeff said...

I'm still deciding on the new look...ok, im done. The goth look does not work for you lol. But it's pretty awesome anyway. It looks like you're having fun, even without me :(. Just make sure to have twice as much when I get back!