Monday, July 17, 2006

What's the word?

Today has been.. what's the word? ...interesting?

I went in for calculus help early this morning and spent the morning in my professors office asking questions about the homework assignments I had to turn in today.

Doesn't it look fun?
After a little over an hour of tutoring, I went to class. The class is usually two hours long, but today he decided we were done after only a half hour. It was... what's the word? ...amazing?
I spent most of the afternoon finishing the two assignments that I had to turn in by 5:00.

Speaking of 5:00, that's when I help teach a ballroom dance class. The 5:00 hour was designated to the Viennese Waltz. We had a bigger class than usual today, which was very exciting for us. Payments for the class are being used by the USU ballroom team to pay the debt that somehow happened when certain people took over. (That was frustrating.) Here are a few of the people that came to class today.

One of the girls that I was teaching didn't comprehend how to do the steps, so I spent most of my time working with her while Jeff took over the rest of the class. It was... what's the word? ...difficult?

After the first class (out of 3) was over, Jeff and I left to get Shelby and go to my ward's FHE. We had ice cream. ;) It wasn't exactly... what's the word? However, it was the first FHE I've gone to this summer, and it was good enough to keep me coming back. Plus, I'm on the activites committee now, so I almost have to go. But it's still by choice, I guess.

And finally, one of my hometeachers invited me to float the canal later this week. It should be pretty fun. He also invited me over to his parent's house tonight for some homade (haha, dad) ice cream. It was... what's the word? ...akward? Seriously, though. I just met the guy a week ago, and I've already met his parents. Shelby, Jeff and I were joking about it before I left. I tried to find a fake engagement ring that would fit my finger, but I couldn't find one fast enough. We thought it would be funny if I showed up and just acted like we were engaged, without saying anything to Clay about it. If only I had found a ring... His mom is really nice, though, and his dad is an accountant. Interesting evening, I would say.

So... what's the word? ...goodnight!

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fern said...

jess, i just want you to know that i think you are whats the word.. awesome! your comment on carries blog made me cry- i really love you!! love your blog today- keep it up!!