Saturday, July 29, 2006

Busy-ish Week

Well, this week hasn't been over eventful. In fact, it was kind of under eventful. On Wednesday, Lexy (a friend in my ward) came to the dance class I'm helping teach. However, she didn't come to dance. She writes for the Herald Journal (Logan's biggest newspaper.. haha) and decided to write a story on our class! It was pretty exciting, because I'll be quoted in the Herald Journal on Monday.
I recently asked one of my managers for a few more hours a week, starting AFTER August 4th when my class ends. The scheduler apparently misunderstood me and for this coming week I have Wednesday off. That would be okay, except that I got scheduled for August 4th during the time of my final. It was kind of exciting to fret over, and fortunately I found someone to trade me shifts so I can still work on friday, but after class instead of during.
That's pretty much all that's happened this week.
Coming up:
On Sunday, our ward will recieve another "Jess and Shelby" show. This past Sunday, she and I spoke in Sacrament meeting, as I mentioned before. Shelby also lead the congregation and I sang with the choir. Well, this Sunday she and I have prepared a musical number, "I Know That My Redeemer Lives". Shelby will be playing the piano, I'll be on the violin, and my friend, Amanda, from work will be singing. Our ward is in for a treat. Oh yeah, I'll be playing the piano for the Sacrament meeting hymns. Lucky me.
Sorry I have no pictures today! Have a good one anyways.


fern said...

i can't believe your finals are coming up already!good luck!!

crisco said...

Be Grateful for the unexciting weeks. You start to miss them after a number of stressfull ones!