Sunday, July 30, 2006


I just want everyone to know that yesterday was my first day wearing a red apron at Macey's. Be proud! I graduated from the plain, boring blue apron to the exciting red apron that says "Only the Best"! See?

I'm proud. Pretty soon I'll be on the cash register.

Today's musical number in Sacrament meeting went quite well. We were able to practice yesterday morning on Shelby's boyfriend's sister's baby grand piano, which was pretty fun, so we were well prepared. As for the rest of the music, though, the first two went fine, but I butchered the last one. Oh well. I'm sure Heavenly Father understands that I tried.

I spent the afternoon at Jeff's making fun of him with his mom (which is quickly becoming a favorite past time of mine). We had a great dinner, then watched "Finding Nemo" during which I fell asleep because we had a late night last night. Jeff, Troy and I went swimming in Hyrum Dam, then cruised Logan's Main Street, ending up at Beto's then WalMart. Good times, good times.


the 'mom' said...

i am sooo proud of my little college girl!! a red apron!! soon you will be big enough to wear my extra special black one!! the one that says coca cola across the front!

Pookie said...

ha.. ha.. ha...i doubt it