Sunday, July 16, 2006

This is Kinda Fun

A special thanks to Aunt Carrie for getting me hooked on this. Hopefully I can keep it up!

This week has been an emotional roller coaster. Grandpa Gayle passed away on Monday morning. At first I took it kind of rough, but then again I had just woken up and I was a little disoriented and a lot tired. The funeral service on Friday morning was beautiful. My aunts and uncles and dad did a wonderful job. I am happy that Grandpa is out of his pain, but we will all miss him until we meet again.

Part of the week I spent at Flaming Gorge with my dad's family. It was a blast! I love hanging out with my cousins... and boating. Here are some fun pictures:

It was also a great escape from my calculus class, although I am suffering the consequences by having to make up the two assignments I missed. Yuck.

These pictures are also from the Gorge. They were too beautiful to not post!

Being in Salt Lake gave me the great opportunity to see some of my old friends whom I miss very much. They are crazy. Here are a couple pictures of some of the crazy ones there. Mom let me ride the motorcycle, and I gave them rides. Now I am assured the "cool" label in that group of friends because they got to ride on my motorcycle.

My friend Doty and I like to joke that we have a love-hate relationship. (He loves me, I hate him). He found this poster and had to buy it for me. It was a little inappropriate, but he bought it for the last part. Don't worry, I fixed it and it's hanging in my bedroom window, facing outside.

Saturday morning I went out boating with my siblings and a few other people. This is what I saw when we got to the lake. I thought it was funny, but some people didn't.


Have a good day!


Carrie said...

I love the Bambi picture! My brother Darren would appreciate that photo, he takes pictures of dead animals all the time, and he's a professional!
I'm so proud of you for starting a blog! Try to post something at LEAST once a week. It's a great journal, so now you can say "I follow the prophet's advice"! Before now, it was sketchy. :)

mom said...

awesome job jess! i love all the pictures -keep it up- xo mom

sam said...

Those sunset/sunrise picures are freakin' sweet. Are those fish heads coming out of the water on the top one? Make sure you carry your camera with you all the time now, just in case.

Pookie said...

Yep! I had to take a picture of the fish. Right before I took that, there were at least 20 fish jumping out of the water right there, and they were headed toward our boat. It was so cool!

Doty said...

You really love me, but pretend to hate me to hide it.

Pookie said...

Oh doty.. if you only knew.....

crisco said...

you little terd! i can't believe you posted my picture!