Thursday, September 11, 2008


At last.. I have drifted through the ocean and somehow transported to a lake that reminds me of Lake Powell - can be scary in a storm, but is beautiful and fun otherwise. Ahead of me I see a soft sunshine and a boat with a slalom ski and tow rope. Beauty. Joy. Happiness. Peace, sent from my Savior. I know that these feelings I have today come from Him. In institute on Tuesday, the lesson I learned was "if we keep an eye single to the glory of God, He will bless us". Along with that, Bro. White asked us why we are going to school: to get rich later? to bless the lives of others? to further the light and knowledge in the kingdom of God? My first thought was, of course, to get rich. I reevaluated, and I believe that because of that I did better on the GRE than I had expected. The official scores will be mailed to me in a few weeks, so you'll have to wait until then. But I saw the unofficial scores and I am not displeased.
Now it's time to ski.


Steph said...

well, you deserve to have a day to ski :) Good luck with school and everything else you do. I can't wait to come up next saturday. I hope i invited everyone that you would like to have there. I did also invite nate and matt if that's okay. I didn't invite many boys because i don't many that would come. I hope it goes over okay. of course i'm okay if me and you just hang out. I need my jessica fix. ;)

Kellie Buckner said...

Hey, I need a Jess fix, too! Where's mine? I'm glad you're feeling better about school. have fun in the cold!