Monday, September 22, 2008


I really wish I could find my charger for my camera. I'm really bummed that I haven't been able to take pictures for over a month, especially since a lot of you haven't seen our new place! I tried to draw it on paint but it wasn't working out. Then I tried to think about how I would give you a tour with words, but I am not a good enough writer to do it justice. So, you'll have to continue to wait for me to find time to go through the last few boxes to see if the charger got stashed away in a box that wouldn't make sense. And before I do that, I must do the dishes.

A few of my friends came over on Saturday night. We were supposed to have a big Hairspray party, but there were only 4 of us total. Who cares? We had a great time anyway. I'd never seen the movie before (or the play for that matter) and the other 3 practically had it memorized. Despite (and maybe even because of) the fact that they were all singing along the whole time, I loved it! It was sooo hilarious! Anyone who likes musicals should definitely watch it. Heck, you don't even have to rent it; just come watch it with me!

Also, if you like music, you should definitely listen to this song and tell me if you like it. It's called "Proud of You" by 10 Years. It's a very calm song, and sad. And if you sometimes like to feel sad than this is a good song to listen to. Currently one of my favorites. Also, if you like music you'll like Pandora. It's pretty much the best radio station ever because it's all about what you like!

Oh yeah. My friend Kellie tagged me with a Quirks tag. I'm supposed to link to her (she's already on my sidebar) and then tag 6 other bloggers.

Quirk #1: I don't like to breathe in used air. Yes, I know, all air is technically "used" air, but if it is freshly used, like I'm right next to Mark and he breathes out, I have to hold my breath or breathe out while he's breathing out. I can't breathe in the air he's getting rid of.
(p.s. This was Kellie's Quirk, but it's one of my worst too! So I just changed the name of the husband, since it would be awkward for me to be breathing Nathan's air.)

Quirk #2: I hate hearing other people chew. I don't care if it's something soft or crunchy; it drives me up the wall. Also, chips and gum are the absolute WORST!! I remember sitting with my dad at the table while he ate chips, and his eating was the only noise in the room. I cringe just thinking about it.

Quirk #3: I have a hard time sitting through a whole lecture of chemistry. Usually I end up doing the Sudoku from the daily paper or playing Solitaire on my calculator.

Quirk #4: I can't seem to find any time to cook. I really want to be a good wife and make homemade meals every other day with fresh veggies and whatnot. Someday, when I don't work at night, I'll work on that. Until then, my cooking (skills?) will not get better.

Quirk #5: Babies make me baby hungry. And I don't want one so soon in my marriage, yet, oh, how I do.

Quirk: #6: I bite my tongue a lot. I think it has to do with a habit from when I was little. My tongue used to hang out (literally) just outside of my mouth. That was it's resting spot. Mom always told me to put it back in my mouth, but I think I was permanently damaged.

People I'm tagging: Aunt Carrie, Aunt Shauna, Aunt Rose, Steph Fisher, Adam and Dinae, and Bairdy-poo. Do it if you want, it's fun!


mom said...

ha ha that is funny--

Kellie Buckner said...

your tongue? weird! Hey, I'm gonna post pictures of the kiddos on Tuesday sometime.