Monday, December 03, 2007

Go Ahead and LAUGH!!

This one I like to call the librarian picture.

This is the true American picture - obese.

This one is the cyclops picture.

This one reminds me of my dad because I am so twisted, just like him.

Does this picture freak anyone else out?
I took these pictures on a MAC sometime over 6 months ago. Only a few people have seen them, and while I was exploring my jump drive today I re-found them. They gave me a laugh so I can't help but share it. To top it all off, I'll show the regular setting and a way cool setting.

Regular setting.

Dang cool setting.
After seeing all that, why on earth wouldn't you want to go out and buy a new Mac?!


Jess said...

I know.. I'm obsessed with myself..

mom said...

you are a nut! thanks for the laugh

ma said...

i can't believe how much your hair has grown!

crisco said...

the things college students do to entertain themselves...

Sam said...

I like the last one..