Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas and Park City

Last week Mark and I had our winter vacation from work and took off to Park City. His best friend, Phil, and his wife came up from St. George to stay with us for a couple of nights. The first night we just hung out, had dinner, and played some games. In the morning, we went to the Park City Mountain Resort to go snowboarding. We had a great time there, but it was quite expensive. After a long day of snowboarding, we went to the hot tub and spent the rest of the time just chillin'. For the second night, another of Mark's friends and his girlfriend came up to play games and hang out. For the third night, everyone else had gone home for work, so Mark and I were left alone. We used that last time there as our 1 year anniversary trip. I won't go into details. ;)

Merry Christmas!!!
Today is Christmas Day. For Christmas Eve, Mark and I spent a wonderful day with my parents. We played a game called Alhambra, ate dinner, and saw National Treasure 2. We also opened presents since we wouldn't be around Christmas Day. Mark and I are very grateful for all of the things we were given this Christmas. I don't want to boast about gifts, so I won't list the things we got.
This morning we woke up to open presents with a couple of Mark's nieces and his nephew. They were so cute and excited to see that Santa came! It made me really excited for when we have our own kids. One thing that I would like to incorporate into our family's Christmas is my families tradition of orderly present opening. First we sort the presents, then Dad decides who opens a present next. That is a tradition I will always cherish.

We wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

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mom said...

it was fun having you here christmas eve- and fun having you on the phone hearing the play by play as we opened a few presents christmas day! you were missed though, we really like having you and mark here with us, or being there with you and mark...well you know what i mean- it was fun! love you and look forward to fun times this weekend!! hugs