Friday, November 21, 2008


I feel like there's something really important that I should be doing right now, but I can't think of what it is. (I just remembered what I was supposed to do... Dang! I wasted so much time this morning - now when will I do that thing I was supposed to do?! *Inserted a few hours after making this post.) So, instead I'm going to do something fun. I'm going to give back the love - comment style. (I found this idea on Crazyland, and it looked fun.)

Rule 1. List the first 10 people who have commented on one of your blog posts. (Except that I only have a few faithful commenters, so I'll just put as many distinct blogger commenters as I can find.)
1. Kellie
2. Carrie
3. Fezzik
4. Linabean
5. Perception
6. Slipper
7. Rose
8. Lauren
9. Manda Jane (Private)
10. Tiffani
(Sorry, Mom, I couldn't use you, my most faithful commenter, because you don't have a blog.)

Rule 2. The meme questions: 10 blogs - 15 questions
What is your favorite post from #3's blog? Dear Old Jasmine. Fezz hardly updates her blog but she's hilarious and it's great when she does. So, though I know her life is fun and exciting, I must settle for this funny post.

Has #2 taken any pictures that have moved you? Pretty much every single picture she puts up of her boys moves me and makes me miss them even more than I already do.

Does #6 reply to comments on their blog? As far as I know, no.

Which part of Blogland is #4 from? She's from my group of high school friends.

If you could give one piece of advice to #7 what would it be? Umm.. Keep posting about your sons because I rarely hear about what they're up to.

Have you ever tried something from #9's blog? I've tried to be a photographer, but I'm not.

Has #1 blogged something that inspired you? Indeed. Kellie is a great example to me of how to be a good mom.

How often do you comment on #10's blog? Every time she posts (so, about once a month).

Do you wait excitedly for #8 to post? Of course! She's another one of those never-posters.

How did #5's blog change your life? Well, Perception likes to make deep posts, and just by reading them my mind opens to another level.

Do you know any of your 10 bloggers in person? All of them!

Do any of your 10 know each other? The high school friends know each other. And the relatives know each other. And some of the high school friends know the relatives. And Kellie is cool.

Out of the 10, which updates more frequently? Kellie and Carrie. Everyone else is pretty hit and miss.

Which of the 10 keep you laughing? Kellie and Carrie are hilarious! They always have such funny stories and comments. Sometimes I wish I had kids and a crazy life so I could have funny stories too.

Which of the 10 made you cry (good or bad) tears? Carrie, mostly. Especially when she tells sentimental stories about her boys. I just love them so much!

Any of you are invited to do this. Let me know if you do because I'd love to read 'em!


trublubyu said...

i don't get it.

Kellie said...

I totally want to do this, but it will have to wait for Saturday or Sunday. I was up till three last night to see Twilight with my ward. Major let down too late at night.

mom said...

that was cool- keep it up!!

Tiffani said...

uh dude....??? PS i found "our song".... or one of the millions we call ours! It's called funny farm... they're coming to take me away haha! HAHAHAHA

Carrie said...

Hey look! Now I can read this post. When I looked at it before it was a bunch of "wing ding" symbols. :)
I'm glad you like my blog, my boys keep me laughing as well. Just the other day Sam was trying to explain something to wasn't going very well...Parker finally exclaimed to Sam "You're wasting my time!" ha ha ha!
Love ya!