Friday, November 07, 2008

Bucket List

Things to do before I kick the bucket:
1. Go skydiving
2. Raise enough happy children
3. Visit all of the temples in Utah
4. Learn Spanish
5. Return to Argentina
6. Go to Spain
7. Live in another country for a month or more
8. Become a prominent (or at least a good) statistician
9. Contribute to research of a disease
10. Run a marathon (or two, if I survive the first)
11. Be the best wife I can be to my wonderful husband
12. Stay in Hawaii for a week or two
13. Teach Young Women's (Divine intervention needed here)
14. Publish a paper in a journal
15. Be carefree, yet still responsible
16. Quit stressing the small stuff
17. Be a great cook
18. Be a good homemaker
19. Get into the habit of baking break weekly
20. Be constantly worthy to meet my Savior
21. Have a love affair with the Word of God
22. Have really long hair
23. Join a band playing the bass
24. Spoil my grandchildren
25. Live in the moment so the moments don't pass me by


mom said...

what is 'enough' kids??? -i like your list.... you could add, give my mother grandchildren.....

Kellie Buckner said...

I like your mom's comment! That's funny! Great list :)

fern said...

where have you been- i havn't heard from you all weekend??!

sam said...

Is that baking break or breaking bake?