Friday, November 14, 2008


I know that this is totally going to let everyone down, but I feel the need to tell you. I'm retreating from the marathon for this coming summer. Here is my reason: my heart. I've been hoping it would get better with time, but it hasn't. You see, every time I run a mile or more my heart rate gets excessively high (like, over 180 which happens to be the max heart rate for the next age group down). I don't really know what's causing that - my guess is that it's my exercise induced asthma. Anyway, I'm sad to have made this decision, but I think it would be better that I don't have a heart attack or something while I'm running a marathon. If you wish, I can continue posting each week the running schedule for that week. Also, I am totally willing to walk/jog the whole way, but running is just not physically possible. Thank you for all of your enthusiasm. And please, let me know if you want that schedule posted weekly.


Kellie said...

I'm sorry you can't run it :o( Would your heart be ok if you jogged it?

ma said...

you just made my day!! you know i was going to bail on you- but now you have done it so i don't have too!!! -whoever bet that i wouldn't do it with jess just lost!! hahahahaha btw- we really need to figure out why you are so quick hearted!!

Lady X said...

Your heart thing sounds a lot like what I had. I would say check with your doctor because if it is an arrhythmia, they should be able to fix it. Either way I hope you get better!