Tuesday, January 08, 2008

First Day of My Last Spring Semester at USU

As you can read, today was the first day of my last spring semester at USU. It was a pretty good day, considering that most of the teachers only take time to explain syllabi and have everyone introduce themselves. Throughout the day I saw a lot of my old high school friends and college friends that I haven't seen recently, which was a great addition to a good day. It appears that my class load will not be overbearing this semester. In fact, it may be quite pleasant. I start most of my school days with yoga, then move on to math and chemistry. After my hour lunch break I head over to the pool for some lap swimming, then over to statistics to end my day. In my spare time, I'll do the work for my online food and nutrition class. And in my other spare time, maybe I'll crochet a blanket or write a novel. Well, that's it. I'm going to bed now.


fern said...

i would like to see the novel... 'life lessons i learned from my dad' if you want a crocheted blanket, i have 3-4 you can choose from! how about some pictures of your cute hair cut??

Nikki said...

I say go for the novel... so I can call you an even bigger nerd lol.. that and I'll be pissed if you start to crochet a blanket and finsh it before me! (I've been working on my dad's for years!)