Thursday, August 11, 2011

Albuquerque So Far

Well, my friends, my mom finally talked me into it. I always said that, "when I get to Albuquerque I'll blog more". I've made myself a liar so far, and my mother is trying to correct my evil ways. :)

Mark is enjoying his job so far. He doesn't have his security clearance yet (and probably won't for a couple more months) which means he can't really work on what he wants to work on. He's doing training and stuff, though, so that keeps him busy. By the end of this month, he will have taken 3 trips for conferences and classes. He's been to Austin and Denver, and has yet to go to Chicago.

I still don't have a job (I wish I did, but finding a job as a statistician isn't as easy as it sounds), which means that I am a stay at home wife, with no children to take care of. How do I keep busy, you ask? Well, for starters, I made some friends in our church ward who are also stay at home wives with no children. We get together every couple of days (including today, in about 5 minutes!) and figure out ways to entertain ourselves. Once a week there's a playgroup at the park for the mom's with kids, and we go crash the party. When I'm by myself, I read, practice instruments, watch tv, play computer games, play video games, go grocery shopping, clean the (small) apartment, and shop online for big ticket items that we can't yet afford. Yes, I am living the dream. I sometimes complain about how bored I get, but that's my own fault. As you can see, there's plenty to do.

Currently I am trying to learn tennis. Mark was on the tennis team in high school, so he's really good. He doesn't think it's fun to play with me (yet) because I'm really not very good. So, if you come to visit, feel free to challenge me to a tennis match! By the time you get here, I might be able to return a serve :)

Right now I'm going to set a goal: I'm going to blog AT LEAST three times a week. That means that ya'll will have to check back more and more often. It may encourage me if you left a comment so that I know you're reading.

Love and miss you, UTAH!!! (and all the people in it and wherever else you are)


Anonymous said...

I think it's awesome that you guys are expiercing life outside of Utah! Let me know what your new address is so I can send ya an invite to our sealing. It's Sept 17 at 11:00 if you want to come back for a visit! Love ya! Tera

Kyna said...

I love reading your blog. And I'm a little bit jealous of your stay-at-home-ness... Please keep me updated!

Rose said...

Keep posting! I like to keep up on what's happening! Love and miss you!

Mumsy said...

Yea!!!! Proof you listen to me!! Hehehe. I can't wait to come see you in a couple of weeks!!

fezzik said...

I am a faithful reader.
That's all. :)