Saturday, July 16, 2011

When you come to visit...

Here is where you will enter our apartment.

Here is where we'll eat our meals.

Here is where we'll watch movies, or Futurama.

Here is where you can pick a game to play, or check your email. If you want hamburgers or grilled chicken, we'll walk out to the patio through that door.

That's your room at the end of the hall.

Here's where we'll make dinner and do dishes together.

Feel free to use any of the clean towels on the shelf.

This is where Mark and I will be sleeping. If you want to play the piano, just ask so I can make sure our room is clean :)

Here's where you'll stay. Sorry about the bad lighting in the picture.

This is the patio. The shelf won't be there when you get here, so it will be a lovely place to spend an evening.

Obviously, the grill. In the closet we have all of our recreational equipment (tennis rackets, camping gear, etc.)

And finally, here's what the weather is like. Pretty sky, no?

See you soon!!


Jamie said...

INCREDIBLE! I'm so jealous of your new pad! I am seriously in love! AND I would LOVE to come visit sometime!

Mumsee said...

That was an awesome tour!! Brings back memories of our first apt -- the kitchen was the same size and we had a card table and chairs!! Do excited to come visit!!

unkie sam said...

Okay Jess, you talked me into it. At first I was thinking, "I'm not going clear to NM to visit!" But then I saw the rack of clean towels in the bathroom and was drawn to it. Don't be suprised if I just hang out there the whole time...

Ganimobile said...

My goodness you have such a great set up! It looks beautiful, what a homemaker!