Sunday, August 14, 2011

Stake Conference Cuties

Today we went to stake conference in our new stake. The messages were great, but I just have to tell you about the kids sitting in front of us.

One of the little girls was drawing on a piece of paper. Turns out she was drawing the stone tablets with the 10 commandments. How cute is that?! Then, she turned the paper over and started writing... F A... "Mom, I'm trying to spell 'faith'. What comes next?" I T H. Under that, she wrote GOD LOVES ME. Under that it was I BLE... "Mom, how do you spell 'believe'?" ...I BELIEVE IN GOD. Finally, she wrote I LOVE GOD. This mother must be doing something right with her children. Also, I should mention that this little girl was drawing and writing with no prompting from anyone else - this was all her.

Her brother was also pretty cool. He first drew a picture of Jesus. Then the Albuquerque temple. Then Angel Moroni. Seriously? What did this mother do to teach her children to do these things for fun?!

Amazing. I hope my kids are awesome like that.

P.S. For anyone reading this who may not be LDS (aka Mormon): stake conference is a meeting when several wards (bodies of saints) get together and have church meetings. More info at :)


Mom said...

Glad you found the building!! Have I mentioned lately how excited I am to come visit???!!

Lindsay said...

That is so so cute!

Jamie Younker said...

WOW. Well, I'm inspired!