Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A New Semester

Monday fast approaches.
Class at 9:30. Title of the class? Mathematical Statistics I - STAT 6710. Sound overwhelming? It is.
Tuesday comes next.
Class at 9:00. Title of the class? Biostatistical Information - STAT 5810. Also another overwhelming class.
Then there's Wednesday.
My first day of teaching a recitation section. Wish me luck.
Thursday and Friday will be nothing completely new.

I'm looking forward to the schedule I will have every day. I even created my Google Calendar so that I can schedule appointments and whatever else. Ha. "Schedule appointments." I make myself sound so important. The recitation that I'm teaching is like a lab for a statistics class. It's going to be a lot like teaching Gospel Doctrine. I have a basic teaching guideline, and I use it to get my class involved in learning the material. It should be fun... As long as the people in my class are friendly and talkative.

I'll let you know how it goes.


Nathan said...

You asked to be wished good luck, so here goes:

Good luck!!

trublubyu said...

for some reason, all your statistical knowledge intimidates me.

good luck with your teaching. and all those hard courses.

mom said...

ditto to trublubyu!