Thursday, August 27, 2009

Dear Nathan

This post is for you, since you are the only one who cared enough to leave me a little luck comment. Thank you.

The first 3 days of school were great. I taught my first class yesterday and it went better than I could have hoped. The "kids" in my class are awesome; they all seem to want to learn and understand statistics. I was really fearing having someone in my class who was going to be a jerk and disrupt the whole class all the time. Lucky me! I didn't get one of those (as far as I know).

Also, I have recently been informed that I will get to teach another recitation section for a different class. The math department is creating it because I would like to teach it and they think it will be beneficial to the students in that class. The way awesome thing about this new class is that it's a recitation for a 5000 level statistics class. It's pretty cool when I'm teaching students who are just about on my level.

Anyway, I have class in a couple minutes, so I've got to get outta here. Thanks again, Nathan.


P.S. We really miss having you guys around to play games with us all the time. It's just not the same without you.


Rose said...

Teaching a college class! Very impressive!

Nathan said...

Wow! That made my day. I'm glad teaching has been going well -- it's especially nice that the students are eager to learn. Trying to get a group to listen when they don't care to be there or just don't want to participate is rough -- so you DID have some luck in that regard. :c)

We miss you guys too! We play games maaaaybe once a week now, and we've found a few couples who like games, but none as dedicated to having regular leisure time as you guys.

Anywho, I hope everything continues to go well with your current class and that your 5000 level class is also a hit!

And have you ever played Dominion? You should -- It's a good one!

Kellie said...

I would have wished you luck, had our internet been working at all yesterday. Nathan had internet at school while I was stuck here at home going nuts. Anyway, belated good luck for Thursday and good luck for the rest of the semester!! I think it is awesome that you are teaching! I know you'll do great. You're patient and smart.