Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Grocery Shopping

I am not a fan.

I would rather send someone else to do it for me, as long as they know to buy good quality at a good price. Today I was going through the mail looking at the ads for Smith's, Albertson's, and Maceys. They all seemed to have some good deals, so I split up my grocery list.

First, there's Albertson's. They advertised 20 yogurts for $10. The picture was of Yoplait yogurt (which I love). When I got there, it was store brand. Not cool. Thanks for getting my hopes up, then smashing them to smithereens! Thanks a lot, Albertson's.

Next up, Smith's. I went there for some advertised produce and some other things. The peaches I picked up had a sign above them saying they were the ones advertised for cheap. HOWEVER, Smith's doesn't believe in paying people to be cashiers. Instead, they make their customers use the self checkout. How the heck are we supposed to make sure we have the right price when we have no stinkin' privileges?! Thanks, Smith's, for supplying ONE GUY to service ALL FOUR self-checkout stands! That's TWO people helping ALL of the customers who are checking out. Nice.

Finally, there's ♥ Maceys ♥. I walk in. Plenty of employees walking around helping people and smiling. The produce was cheaper than at Smith's, but their ad didn't say so. Multiple checkout stands open, PLUS self checkout. So what if the milk is 15 cents more? I should've gone with my age old strategy of just shopping at one place, instead of trying to get the best deals everywhere.

Lesson learned.


John and Valerie said...

the adds from today don't start till tomorrow.. and that is what you get for going to lame smiths on 4th.. i have made both those mistakes myself. i do enjoy going to smiths to see the price drop.

Chris and Laura said...

I would have thought you of all people already knew that Macey's was the best... but good job getting your grocery shopping done. :)

Rose said...

Our Smith's is pretty new and has plenty of employees. I hardly ever have to use the self check out and they are doing double coupons, so I saved about $40 just in coupons yesterday! Killer deal on Charmin TP, if you spend $20 you get $5 back, at Albertsons (only $4 back at Smiths) Plus, I get .20 off per gallon at the gas pump at Smith's on my next fill up.

kollers said...

You are hilarious! I would go to Maceys just so I could get a delicious, humongous king kong ice cream cone. I loved this post cause I've had the same experiences in each of the stores.

Kellie said...

Maceys, oh Maceys. How I miss you. yeah. Grocery shopping here is torture, too. Sorry it was annoying.