Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Still Alive

It has been a while (yet again) since I last posted. This time, my excuse is that I just haven't felt like writing. I still don't really feel like writing, but you guys deserve an update.

School is out for the summer, and neither of us are taking summer classes. I'm excited for that, sort of. This entire past week I have done hardly anything. If I'm going to survive this summer I definitely need to get my butt in gear and start some projects or something. Like my research for grad school. The problem with that one is that I've done the fun part. Now I need to do the boring things like search the web to find data and read journal articles. I dread the latter. They make me fall asleep. So, to keep from going completely insane because of my research, Mark and I decided to do a few touchups in our house. It's fine the way it is, but good is good and great is better. So, we bought a new light fixture for our pool table room. Already that room is really coming together. We have a few more ideas, but we have yet to decide on much else. Anyone like to paint? We can probably use the help sometime.

Our other plans for the summer are a lot of weddings, a few vacations, and working pizza the rest of the time. We sound busy, but we're not. Trust me, I would know. Anyway, I'm curious about how many people actually read my blog. Usually there's not much to comment on, so I understand why you don't leave comments. Today I'll ask a few questions that you can answer in the comments section. Sound good? I thought so.

1. Do you like to paint? (And would you want to help us sometime this summer?)
2. What is your favorite meal? (And can I have the recipe?)
3. What is your favorite vacation spot?


Rose said...

1. No, but people pay me to do it, so I do.
2. Anything that has homemade bread with it.
3. Anywhere warm/with water to play in or a 4 wheeler to ride. Cruisin is fun too!

Chris and Laura said...

1. No. And the fumes would probably kill my baby or something anyway. I'll pass, but you could ask Chris...

2. Homemade chicken noodle soup:
~Boil water. Add boullion (as much or as little as you want for flavor)
1/2 c. flour (per person)
1 egg (per person)

Mix together. Roll out dough with rolling pin, cut into noodles (2" x 1/2" or so). Add noodles to boiling water. Wait until water boils again and it's done.

On top of that, you can add whatever you want. Chicken (seems obvious, but I often leave it out--I like the noodles more), carrots, celery, onions....

3. I don't get vacations. Although I think I've convinced Chris to go to Yellowstone this year, but I've never been so I don't know if it's my favorite.

Faye said...

1. Yes- We're in the process of redoing our whole house. We're in the middle of painting the front room right now.
2. I have a really yummy enchilada recipe and it's easy too. Let me know if you want it.
3. My favorite place I have traveled to is Washington, DC. I have a lot of favorites locally.

Anonymous said...

I love you Jess.
Aunt Renee

fezzik said...

1. I have never painted before. However, it sounds intriguing.
2. My favorite easy meal: salad with grilled chicken spiced with Cajun with an Italian dressing.
3. I adore Disney World. Also Bryce Canyon. Also Hawaii-although I haven't been there.

da mom said...

I don't - but I have to do it if I want it done--another kitchen wall this week?!

umm - take out

-anywhere warm at this point!! hawaii was fab!

Devin and Andrea Hatch said...

1- Depends
2- Kimchi bbokkum bop (don't know the's got kimchi in it though)
3- Durango, CO was a pretty sweet place

Sounds like you and Mark are enjoying your summer and everything's going good! We miss you guys.


Kellie said...

I have times when I really don't feel like writing anything on the blog either. So no worries. Here are the answers to your ??s

1. I've actually never painted. I would love to. I will get to this summer and I look forward to it. If I was in Logan, then yes I would help you.

2. My absolute favorite food is hamburgers with all the fixin's. As many as I can get on it, the better. And if it's too messy to eat, then good.

3.My favorite vacation spot is wherever my parents and siblings are. That may change if we ever move closer to them. If that happens then I'd have to say Disney World, Italy, and British Columbia are my tops.