Tuesday, April 22, 2008


As many of you know, Mark and I have a game addiction. That's pretty much what we do in all of our spare time. Anyway, this picture is taken from the box of a game called "Thurn and Taxis" (a way awesome game, my current favorite actually).

Isn't she happy? Right now she's the background on the main screen of my cell phone.

Recently we joked about making a brochure listing all of the games we own (that we wouldn't mind playing) with an explanation of each game, how long it takes, how hard it is and the bonus of our personal rating. I'd probably do it, but I'm not sure that anyone would use it. Mainly we'd tell people to look at it before we played games with them so they'd know which ones they wanted to try out. What do you think? Is it worth my time?

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Adam & Dinae Pitcher said...

I like your idea. Maybe you could also include other peoples ratings of the games- like a running total or something.