Monday, April 28, 2008


No, not as in "da bomb". I just took my first final of the semester and I'm pretty sure I bombed it. Oh well. As long as I get a C- or above I guess I'm ok. Hopefully the next 3 tests go a lot better.

Mark took his first final at the same time I was in mine, and he feels pretty good about his final. He's currently taking another one, and has 2 more through the rest of the week. Please pray that we don't die!


Kellie Buckner said...

That sucks :o( Good luck on the rest of your finals.

Tiffani said...

What do dying and failing finals have to do with each other? LOL Jk! You know you're going to pass dude! RELAX :)

mom said...

i know that you did better than you think-- you always do! love you and good luck! we will go out this weekend to celebrate the end of another semester!!