Thursday, April 17, 2008


Last night I dreamed that we went back to Argentina, but this time one of my girl friends came with us. (Sorry girls, I can't remember who it was so just assume it was you.) Anyway, we arrived in Argentina and I was talking with the friend I made there and telling the friend I brought how good the food was. I guess I really miss those people and the food I ate while I was there. This hasn't been the only time I dreamed about them and the food. Sigh. And it probably doesn't help that my sister just got back from Cancun and my parents are in Hawaii. That just makes me want to go back to Argentina even more. I suppose I need more friends here so I can dream about having fun here, too.

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momma said...

hey there girlie, with you were here, we difinatley have to come back when the boys are at the jamboree!! weather is great-- i am so sunburnt- i should learn to take my own advice!! love you- keep on dreamin!