Thursday, December 07, 2006

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

What are the lions? They are the worst of the three. Finals. They're the type to hide in the background, quietly sneaking up behind you, then all of a sudden they jump on you from behind! And they always kill the one who is falling behind the rest of the group. Isn't that interesting?

What are the tigers? I have no idea.

But the bears are wedding plans. From a distance, and when stuffed, they are cute, cuddly and friendly to all the little children. In reality, however, they are big, scary and mean. So, wedding plans aren't necessarily mean, but they do take quite the effort. For instance, bridal registries. How much stuff do you have to register for? It all. What a task to tackle, huh? Lucky for me, Mom is doing most of the other planning (bless her heart). I can't even imagine at this point all that she's done for me. Again, lucky for me, I'll be planning my daughters' weddings, assuming I have daughters.

So those are the lions (tigers) and bears of life in Logan. Hopefully I'll get the pictures from our friends of our past activities so I can post them. Otherwise, you're all missing out!

27 days!!!


mom said...


Ganimobile said...

man, just remember to smile that gorgeous smile and whistle while you work. Love ya and if you need ANY type of help just give a holla.

Kelly said...

Hey, Jess! Congratulations! *hug*
We're having a great time down in Florida. Brian is doing awesome in his new military job, Annie is busy growing up, and I'm working on building a new baby.
Wish I could meet your sweetie.

Steph said...

about finals, i totally agree. they are kicking my butt. I feel so overwhelmed with them. the wedding plans, i understand. you know i'm willing and ready to help, just ask. love ya jess, you're a great friend.